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Jan 25, 2011 02:02 PM

M Restaurant at the Morris House Hotel

M Restaurant has a new chef from New York. He's worked for Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud, and other big names. He's talented! They're doing really creative food and changing the menu often. Has anyone been? What do you think?

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  1. I think it's strange that this is your first post. Have you eaten there? Are you affiliated with the restaurant?

    I have been following the Serious Eats account of the restaurant changes last year:

    But, I haven't heard of anyone eating there recently.

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      I've heard good things but there is a surprising lack of buzz. Regardless of the intentions of the OP I would like to hear some reports.

    2. We had dinner there a few months ago. The food was excellent. It was beautifully presented and had intense flavor and it was playful. Everything was cooked perfectly. It reminded me very much of Thomas Keller's cooking. Memorable was a yellowtail sashimi that was full of interesting, fresh flavors. The room was a little boring but it will be a really nice place to dine when the weather gets warmer and you can eat in the garden.

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        We ate there Saturday night. We accidentally ordered the same dishes that were on the Restaurant Week menu -- paid $28 for a dish that was included on the $35 RW menu. That said, the food was very good and nicely presented but the portions were tiny for the price. We're used to smallish portions, but the moulard duck portion was just a few slices -- very little for $28, We don't usally dine out on Saturday night, but we had just returned from a 3-week trip and were hungry.

      2. M Restaurant is the OpenTable spotlight deal today:

        $25 for a $50 gift certificate.

        1. Any recent experience w this place?