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Jan 25, 2011 07:35 AM

00 flour: necessary for pizza?

The Chowhound Team split this thread from its original place on the Los Angeles board. If you have local sources to buy 00 flour in the L.A. area please post them here:

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You're not the first person to disagree with me! :-p

However, in this case, you're disagreeing with the findings of *hundreds* of hardcore pizza enthusiasts and the results of tens of thousands of pies.

Follow the link, read some pizza boards (like pizzamaking dot com), and realize that blends of flour are key for the homebaker...

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  1. I understand and I am not disputing this necessarily. All I know is what I experienced and that is that the 00 flour gave me a pizza closer to what *I* prefer. I typically use KA, and once used White Lily (someone gave me a bag, I should never have used it for pizza dough), and the fact remains that the 00 flour pizza I made on Saturday, with no other changes to my recipe or my technique, gave me something much more satisfying to make and eat. For me. And me alone. Just one opinion. ;)

    1. I've been making pizza for the last month from Jeff Varasano's blog posting. He is a wealth of knowledge. I had to alter my measurements and recipe. The 00 flour does not hold up as well and I've been using mostly King Arthur bread flour (65%) and combining it with 00 (35%). The only thing I changed from his recipe is the amount of yeast that I've added in.

      I think the key is to have a hotter oven. I'm in the process of trying to convince my wife to let me build one outside that can get to 800 or 900 degrees.

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      1. re: js76wisco

        Now THAT would be awesome. I live in an apartment and can only go to 550. It works. I am not complaining.

        Like I said, I personally loved the 00 on its own. HOWEVER. I am always willing to improve and learn, especially when it comes to pizza, which I have been working on perfecting for two years now.

        So I will give it a go next time using the 65/35 KA bread/00 ration you specify, with his measurements, and let you know how it comes out. Thanks. :)

        1. re: alosha7777

          If you go back and read my original post in the original thread -- -- I reference Varasano and his 50/50 ratio of 00 flour to bread flour!!!

          I do hope you realize that the blurb was someone else's quote, and that it was provided so that other people would realize that not having 00 flour was the end of the world...

          P.S. That does not mean you should feel guilty (or otherwise) about how you love your 100% 00 flour pizza -- to each his own!

          1. re: Joe Blowe

            You're right. I see that he says 50/50 on his page.

            And I understood that's why you were talking about it. I still think it made a big difference for me for the pizza I made this weekend. But like I said before: it is just me, just one opinion. That is all.

            And now? Now I am done contributing to this.