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Jan 25, 2011 01:26 PM


Finally found a donut shop that makes their donuts fresh every day ON SITE..THE DONUT FACTORY..
Pape and Queen..OPEN 24 hours..small little shop, friendly owner and nice regular neighborhood people.

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    1. re: petek

      FRIED..They way a decent donut should be ...crispy golden first time visit..will return to try the different varieties..had the apple fritter and dipped maple..daughter had the Boston creme ..daughter tested , mother approved

        1. re: petek

          "Baked" doughnuts are technically not doughnuts at all, but just round cakes or muffins with a hole.

        2. lol, I'll check that out. That's right next to "Icy Spicy Fusion."

          1. oooh.. 24 hours? Hooray!
            Do they offer any other goodies? What about coffee/drinks?


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            1. re: sugarcube

              Yes..Coffee,drinks, sandwiches..a regular customer had suggested we try the coffee..we were in a I will be back to try more of the cuisine

            2. Open 24 hours and made fresh daily is perfect.
              What hours do they dish out the freshest?

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              1. re: Learn2CooknEat

                definitely not at 1:00 we went last night immediately after seeing this post and we were pretty disappointed as they were dry and a bit stale. that said, we appreciated that the donuts were not overly sweet. we will go back another day in the morning to see if they are better then.

              2. How long has this place been around?

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                1. re: Brain of J

                  I saw a review that says they've been around for 22 years! I guess I just don't get to that area much at all. Here is that review:

                  Donut Factory
                  101 Pape Ave
                  Toronto, ON M4M 2V7

                  1. re: foodyDudey

                    The thought of the Donut Factory being reviewed is almost more than I can deal with!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    Donut Factory
                    101 Pape Ave, Toronto, ON M4M2V7, CA

                    1. re: Leslieville

                      LOL, though I pass it almost every day, I hadn't considered going in until this thread.