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Jan 25, 2011 12:53 PM

La Caverne - very tasty russian food!

I had a wonderful meal at La Caverne at 5184 Cote-Des-Neiges... Just wanted to put you on to a very nice restaurant that serves nice Russian food. My one experience with Russian restaurant food was at Troika, and that was good, but quite pricey. At La Caverne, I had a big hearty meal and the price was right! What did we have... let me just check their menu...
Aha! Khartcho soup, to start, and my man had the borscht, and then I had cabbage rolls and he had Chicken Kiev. I liked everything!
The place was empty when we got there, and then by 7 pm it got really full, and later, there was live music. I couldn;t identify the music as I'm not familiar with that sort of thing but my man who is Russian said it was very traditional sort of gypsy music. There was an accordion, a guitar, and a trumpet (that seemed like it was blowing right in my EAR :-


Anyway I loved the Kharchto soup, and the cabbage rolls were big and fat and came with lovely sour cream. I'd go back for sure.

That's all! Have a good evening everyone! This is my first post btw :-) I heart chowhound <3

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  1. Thank you for the report. That place has been on my short-list for a while, now. I'm looking forward to trying it out.

    1. Ahhh=( They don't have green Borscht.

      It still on my "to-do" list tough, thanks for the report.

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          1. re: vanierstudent

            thanks for the link--sounds amazing! real hardcore russian. maybe it's the kind of thing they know how to make but don't put on the menu? and maybe i will try and make some myself...

      1. welcome to the Montreal board! Hope you stick around and keep contributing!

        1. Wonder how it compares to le Georgia on decarie. That's the only Russian place I've been to and I kinda like it , but it's overpriced and I feel very unwanted in there. Probably gonna try this place this week, Thanks!

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          1. re: jay_81k

            Re: overpriced, is Caverne any cheaper? I haven't seen cheap Russian in this city, may be like that everywhere?

            1. re: reelection

              holy cow.... here's an article from 2002
              says it's about 8$ per person

              and now 2004
              40-60$ not including tax and tips....

              I don't think I would ever pay this much for russian comfort food

              la caverne is about 10~16$ per main

              1. re: reelection

                Cheap Russian:


                Gonna try it next Friday, will report back

                1. re: Shattered

                  That sounds pretty sketchy! Good luck with that.

                  1. re: jay_81k

                    the various review on Chowhound sounded positive... the Brazilian show thingy on the other hand...

                    1. re: jay_81k

                      In Mother Russia, sketchy is term of endearment :P

                      1. re: Shattered

                        In mother Russia, endearment is sketchy:),

              2. I went to La Caverne a few months ago with a Russian couple who declared the food and the overall experience quite authentic. It is definitely worth the visit.