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Jan 25, 2011 12:01 PM

Cocktail Reception Venue in Montreal

Hello, my fiance and I are getting married this year, and we are interested in having a Cocktail Reception. We are looking at having about 100-120 people. Preferably in Montreal but we are open to going a little outside... hoping to find something original, with a nice atmosphere... Does anyone have any suggestions??

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  1. I actually am in the very same situation as yourself - except for the wedding part! There are MANY different options out there, but it all depends on your overall budget, the type of event you want to host and how involved in the planning process you want to be. Do you want a restaurant/bar that will handle everything or do you want to plan every single detail (venue, catering, furniture rental)? At what time of year are you hosting the event? The possibilities are endless. Heck, you could spend less than $40pp for a low-key event in a local bar but you could also opt to go all out and spend $200+pp for a lavish reception with oysters and Dom Pérignon. A few additional details would help us in answering your request.

    With that in mind, here are just a few suggestions:

    If you want to create your very own event from scratch, you can book a dedicated event space (e.g. Espace Réunion, Espace Cormier, Espace Griffintown) but those might get expensive, especially due to the relatively small size of your group. You can also try contacting art galleries or performing arts centers which usually accommodate those events (e.g. Parisian Laundry).

    One place that I particularly like is Cluny, a restaurant in the Darling Foundry (Griffintown); they have many "finger food" options and you can use the facilities of the Foundry if you need more space. It's truly a special, "different" place, as it's located in a repurposed factory. Check out their website(s) to see what I mean.

    If you're looking for something original, you can also look into the following: Belvu, a boat/restaurant in the Old Port, Bistro VU, a restaurant/event space on the docks, Sarah B., the absinthe (yes, absinthe) bar at the Intercontinental, or even Grumman '78, a taco truck (!) which can be hired for private events, if you already have an (outdoor) venue in mind.

    Or you could just go the easy route and try to book a convention space in pretty much any hotel downtown (e.g. Sofitel, Fairmont); they will have all the staff, food & drinks you need on hand.

    Finally, the 357C (a private club) in Old Montreal also comes to mind, but you need to be a member - or be friends with a member - to get in.

    Hope this helps!

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      Thank you so much certifiedfresh, that was a great answer... To answer your questions, we are looking to hold this reception in November... we are looking in Montreal, or even outside of the city. I'd prefer something already set up for me, with appies already on location. Bar, i'm open to buying my own. Our budget is very small, i'd like under $40pp if possible.
      Any, extra info would be wonderful... I've looked into Cluny (still waiting a response) as well as Sarah B.
      Thanks again for the great help!

      257 Rue Prince, Montreal, QC H3C2N4, CA

      1. re: Carogaro

        Do a search of this board, you will find this topic addressed, probably around a year or so ago. There are many options, although for under $40 pp you're probably going to have to rule out hotel spaces. But November should be much easier to find spaces than June...

        1. re: cherylmtl

          You would probably have to rule out many restos as well. We are in the same situation as you and ended up booking Le Local. We are a smaller group however.
          After visiting many places and looking at cocktail dinatoire options, The 40$ pp budget will probably only cover the food portion (and that's before tax/tip). Alcocol can run up twice as much as the food. But of course you don't have to offer an open bar. Restaurants will certainly offer a cash bar option.

          Le Local
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