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Jan 25, 2011 11:47 AM

Tampa- Bill and I found a cool new Indian mom & pop lunch buffet

And we really enjoyed it! Very reasonable price, $7.99, and they had maybe 10-12 different items, it's not quite as impressive as Jai Ho, but if you're in the area it's a great choice. The Tandoori chicken was deliciously moist and had a nice crust on it, the spicy baby corn was excellent, they had an interesting spicy mega-tart lemon chutney, they had excellent lemon rice, super spicy goat, I loved it all. The yogurt sauce was excellent, came in handy when the heat was taking over. Will definitely go back again soon. They even let us come back in the kitchen and learn how to make Naan in their coal-fired clay pot, that was pretty cool. All the employees and most of the customers were Indian, a good sign in my opinion :)

India's Gril (not misspelled)
4843 West Kennedy Blvd (next to BP by Westshore Mall)
Tampa FL 33609

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  1. I have driven by that a couple times and wondered if they were any relation to the one on Central? Will definitely check them out.

    1. That was cool going into the kitchen and watching the woman, who was so happy to show us how Naan was made in the Tandoor... Todd kinda shocked me when he stuck his head in the kitchen and asked if he could take a look at the blazing claypot oven... Ballsy move---- and I meekly followed when I saw how well it was going... LOL!
      For once I actually felt like 'Mild Bill'...

      Damn, T--- amazing what a few days in NYC will do!

      Food was delicious, and I'm gonna want to pop in there fairly frequently as hopefully things will switch-up on the small buffet...
      After my first few bites I thought to myself; 'owners, whatever you do, don't piss off that cook!'...
      ---'cause there's some love and talent in that little kitchen...

      A really fun, quick, tasty lunch!

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      1. re: Mild Bill

        Haha. I thought at first glance you were saying T put his head in the OVEN!

      2. Thanks for this post! We read in the paper that this place was opening, but it's great to get a thumbs up from you guys :-)
        They have a website:
        Regular menu looks awesome!

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        1. re: Miss E

          yummy! Thanks for posting the site

          1. re: rhnault

            Seeing the post, my wife and I went last night for dinner. I think I would recommend sticking with the lunch buffet. They served the food in containers that made it very difficult to share. If you do go for dinner, you might be happier if you carry out. I suspect that we might have caught them off guard by showing up for dinner. The goat in the biryani was so chewy that I think most people would find it inedible (I didn't but my wife did). The rice part of the biryani was great. We also had chana masala and lamb vindaloo, each of which came with a vegetable (sag paneer and vegetable khorma?) that was perhaps better than the main dish it accompanied. I liked the place, but I think I would have been much, much happier at the lunch buffet. I don't mind eating in a gas station, but $55 is a little steep for that environment.

            1. re: CFishman

              Oh man!
              Yeah, we definitely weren't clear... LOL...

              When I ended with; "A really fun, quick, tasty lunch!" I meant just that...
              That's all I was advocating, but I never looked at the menu or considered anything else...

              It happens sometimes, but there really is no excuse for tough meat...
              Either the cut was incompatible with the cooking technique, or it needed another hour in the pressure cooker...

              1. re: CFishman

                Now that I look at the menu more closely, the dinner prices are a tad high. Well, we'll do takeout one night soon and see how it goes, we don't make it out for lunch very often...

                1. re: Miss E

                  Bill, I was glad to hear about the place. I wasn't going to say anything, but when I saw there was some interest building I thought it might be worth sharing. I can see why you would have had a good experience with the buffet. The food has kind of a home cooked quality to it in the sense that it doesn't look or taste like generic Indian food (as if I know what I am talking about). I will be back, but it will probably be lunch next time.

                  1. re: CFishman

                    CF- sorry you had a bad experience, I agree 100% that $55 is outlandish for food at a little mom & pop joint at a gas station! Lunch was pretty solid, most of what we had was hard to find fault in, especially at $7.99. Looks like I won't be eating dinner there any time soon! Hopefully you'll get a chance to try the lunch buffet sometime, it wasn't mind blowing by any means but was well worth the price.