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Jan 25, 2011 11:15 AM

help! LA convention center - drinks, small food for 25-30

hi guys -

im helping to organize a get-together for a group of 25-30 around the LA convention center in february. i need a place that will allow for some "roped off" area or at least some tables we can stand around. the event will last maybe 2 hours at most - and it will be mostly drinks, with small food items (but not expected to be a substantial meal).

this is for an alumni event centered around a conference. the money is limited... but i know nothing about the downtown area and could really use some help picking a place.

the vibe can be casual, or a little more upscale - more important is that its not too noisy, and that it's within budget. my estimation is that i have maybe 250$ to buy some small food. my boss is under the notion that i could also throw in open bar there. i disagree, but maybe a drink per person - maybe i could make a deal with one of the restaurants?

anyone have any ideas? thanks so much!!

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  1. Hotel Figueroa has an awesome area downstairs, and you can get middle eastern/morroccan food.

    1. Zucca is doing a less expensive version of their menu on the patio and they also have a happy hour - pizzas etc. 8th and Fig. I'm also a fan of the Hotel Figueroa - the owners are extremely nice and accomodating.

      1. I'd check out Corkbar in the vicinity. It's a pretty small place, but I've been to an event there where they sectioned off an area. Reasonably priced as well. Maybe look into BottleRock too, while you're at it.

        1050 Flower St. #167, Los Angeles, CA 90015

        1. Corkbar seems like the perfect place for what you're looking for. Great wines by the glass and above average food.

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            thanks so much!! ive put in calls to corkbar, bottle rock, yard house, bar&kitchen in o hotel, and glance wine bar at the ritz-carlton. ive tried calling figueroa hotel 3 times and have left 2 messages - no one has gotten back to me, so we will see!

            our budget is maybe 350-400... a little more. anyway, appreciate the responses.