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Jan 25, 2011 10:25 AM

Solo Foodie for 5 Days in LV

Since Allegiant Air only flies to Las Vegas from our small town (Santa Maria, CA) and I obtained a deal on Airfare/Hotel stay, I've decided to hit beautiful Las Vegas for a 5 day vacation.
I will be staying at the Stratosphere at the end of the Strip from Sunday (Jan 30th) through Friday morning. and will not have a car (I might be inclined to rent one but would rather not). I usually take public transportation to get around and have ample time to eat around.

After looking through the restaurant posting on the lV board, I've decided to concentrate on one great meal and seeks to maximize my money/food intake. I'm not much of a gambler,so I'd rather spend my money on food.

I like ethnic food and love Thai so I've already picked the followimg restaurants;

Rincon de Buenos Aires: I've been to BA and am Latin, so this is a natural.
Lotus of Siam-Looove Thai

Any other must eat ethnic restaurants that one has to try? Are there any Brazilian restaurants in LV?

As far as breakfast/ I think I'll stick to Buffets. The Wynn is on my list, what about Bellagio's?

Any useful comments appreciated.



3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

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    1. re: linguafood

      Interesting! I looked up Raku and will move it onto my list. Do u recommend the $50 omakase meal ? Are there are any must try dishes, IYHOP?

      1. re: kaki3152

        I didn't do the omakase, but we tried quite a bunch of things - the homemade tofu half & half is incredible, as are most of the skewers, notably the chicken breast, wagyu flank steak, and whatever is on their daily special list.

        Some really like the broth with foie gras, but I didn't have a chance to try.

        For further inspiration, I'd suggest you check out the numerous threads on Raku - lots of good info on there.

    2. the geisha house


      1. A couple blocks from the Stratosphere on Oakey St. Is Luv It Frozen custard, check it out.