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Jan 25, 2011 09:59 AM

HELP! trying to plan the perfect valentines night..

Hi Chowhounders -

I've been combing reviews on the internets to find the PERFECT restaurant for a valentines day dinner in Boston(we are going to be celebrating on the 12th).

I want to make this a night to remember (wink wink nudge nudge, cue the church bells). The restaurant will be a precursor to dessert (which I've planned to do somewhere else).

I need a restaurant with an intimate dining area. And when I mean intimate, I mean quiet, romantic lighting, and not stuffy. A place where, when we are eating, we won't notice anyone else. It'll be easy for us to focus on ourselves and each other.

The service needs to be excellent, and needless to say, so does the food.

In terms of food, we are fans of all types of cuisine. I'd like to stay away from japanese or other asian cuisines, mainly because we are asian, and all we eat is asian food..all..the..time. Plus, I'm not sure how romantic a plate of sushi can be.

I do not have a tight budget... but a restaurant like L'Espelier and their $185 gavage (perperson!) or whatever it's called.... just a tad bit expensive /s.

I'm looking for a great romantic atmosphere.... you know how in movies the main character takes the leading lady to a fancy-schmancy restaurant and they fall in love? Well we're in love already, but I want that restaurant.

And if things go well, it will be a resutarant we will remember for the rest of our lives.

some places I'm considering:

Bistro Du Midi

any and all advice will be taken into consideration. And I'll let you all know what the verdict is afterwards, and where we went!

177 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02111

140 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116

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  1. T.W. Food? It's a little small, but you're not right on top of the table next to you. Service is great, and the food is inventive and special. Prices are often reasonable but I'm not sure about Valentine's Day. To me, the atmosphere feels warmer and more personal than the places I've been to on your list (Troquet and Mistral, which feel more like generic high-end restaurants to me).

    T.W. Food
    377A Walden St, Cambridge, MA 02138

    1. Teatro is not at all quiet.

      Are you hellbent on doing this at a restaurant? Quiet, and romantic on a Saturday night, particularly the one before Valentines Day is going to be hard to find. If you truly want an intimate moment, you might want to reconsider.

      177 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02111

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      1. re: LeoLioness

        Yeah definitely dinner at a restaurant. She loves eating out, and so do I. I guess the quiet part can be lifted a bit.. haha... I just want an awesome place but it's so hard to choose!

        1. re: s1mpson

          Odds are, you will remember the restaurant as the place where you two decided to get engaged more than the room itself, so don't drive yourself too crazy.

      2. This is a tough one. And I'm sure my new husband grappled with the same question last year. As we're both serious 'Hounds, he likely ditched the restaurant idea for that reason and settled on popping the question after a 2 day overnight hike when I was delirious. :)

        You might consider looking into chefs table or private dining room to address the noise/intimacy issues...esp on a weekend or Valentine's Day night. Not sure where your dessert destination is...but the location (general area of Boston) could also help narrow down your choices.

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        1. re: mbasnack

          Yeah I forgot to mention Boston as the general area of choice. I know Boston is huge, so.. like downtown/backbay/northend/southend areas would work.

        2. I would recommend Salts.

          1. I like Salts for this kind of situation. Small, intimate dining room, excellent French inspired cuisine, and their service is professional without being intrusive. TW Food is also nice as Pia suggested and while I love their food, the dining room can be a little loud when it's full. Since you're going on a Saturday night I'd expect both restaurants to be full but I feel like you can get tucked away into a cozy corner in Salts and not really hear the other diners around you.

            I've also been to Troquet and Mistral so if you're considering them here's my opinion. Troquet is great if you're really into wine and you can get a table overlooking Boston common. The food was nice, but not super memorable. Mistral has a pretty dining room and the food is nice but it doesn't seem as proposal worthy as Salts.

            140 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116

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            1. re: chefematician

              Salt sounds and looks awesome.. that has made the shortlist!

              1. re: s1mpson

                I went for my anniversary last year and wrote a lengthy review of my experience. Click on my handle and you can find it. We did the tasting menu and really enjoyed it.

              2. re: chefematician

                +1 for Salts. I have great memories of a delicious, romantic and cozy (it was snowing outside -- and the way things are going these days, maybe it will for you too) date there with my now-wife.

                I also second Pia's TW Food recommendation.