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Jan 25, 2011 09:49 AM

"and we're all out of CAKE!" NEED BEST GENOISE/SPONGE recipe to create my vision.

I am trying, of course, to make "the best cake ever" but always end up over my head. I love the idea of this blueberry/ginger cake, and it's beautiful - BUT do not feel like going thru the risk of converting it from metric.

I am looking for a moist cake that won't fall apart. I'd like to infuse it with the ginger syrup as in this recipe, use the cream cheese/mascarpone icing and top with the blueberries. It's for my daughters shower and I need to feed approx. 50 people.

My go to standard cake has been Ina Gartens Beatty's Chocolate Cake, I fill with berries cooked down with some sugar, add a yummy espresso/chocolate cream cheese frosting - not too much sugar - and top with fresh berries. I want something different for this party!

SO - any delicious plain cakes out there, I can dress up on my own? I don't have enough experience with either the genoise or sponge cakes.

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