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Barefoot Contessa's $100,000 Lunch

Has anyone seen this? Was it as bad as Food Network Humor made it out to be??
Reading the comments lead me to believe this was nothing short of a joke.


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  1. I haven't, nor do I ever watch Ina, but I am determined to find a repeat now after reading that ... it truly sounds like an absolute trainwreck.

      1. re: HillJ

        Did these people know they'd be on a show when they donated the $100,000?
        Also, why is she sending Alec Baldwin out to get herbs when it's well know she has garden with any and every herb?

        I'm glad I missed it.

        1. re: FoodChic

          How could it be taken seriously! I just hope the 100K was real.

      2. I watched it and thought the whole episode was strange....I didn't "get" how Alec Baldwin was supposed to fit into the whole thing and I thought the menu was over-simplified for a charity lunch - especially for $100,000. And I thought the dessert looked horrible....I can't stand all the seeds in raspberry puree to begin with and during an up close shot of it, that's all I saw! You'd have to floss afterwards....and I agree with FNH that not even taking the meringues out of the bags was tacky....

        And Ina gave everyone a copy of her latest book at the end....

        1. I laughed so hard at the captioned photos! Made my day!!

          1. That was hilarious! Thanks so much for posting it.

            1. i saw this episode. i thought what she served was pretty outrageous for 100 grand.

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                I SO agree. I imagine food network was paying the celebs?

              2. The whole season has been very disappointing, but this show was just a train wreck. Nothing made sense or seemed to belong, the lunch was low effort and cheapie and the mixer bowl and bag of meringues, just... bleah.

                1. It wasn't _that_ bad. From the tone of the article, I half expected her to be throwing things at people.

                  Ina sometimes has people "assemble" parts of the meal -- she preaches the gospel of "assembling" at least once a week -- and with a parfait done that way, you can have as much or as little of any one thing as you want. I would not have eaten any meringue. My friend who's lactose intolerant would have skipped the whipped cream. And besides, would you really have wanted to watch Ina make that dessert eight (or however many) times?

                  However, what's with the dill? Ina has the best herb garden known to man. Although I must say, one year, my dill died. Everything else came up but the dill.

                  The $100,000, which is for charity, is 1/4 of what Mariska makes per episode of SVU. She may very well be who paid for this "auction"; it may be pocket change for the winners, too (one of whom I recognize from a past episode, btw). Yeah, for $100,000, maybe it should have been more splendid, but these writers are carrying on like she had it catered by Sandra Lee.

                  Anyway, if you like Ina, I don't think you'll find this episode particularly shocking.

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                  1. re: Jay F

                    I wouldn't assume anything one way or the other. $100K is headline grabbing and effective it was. Unless I'm actually at an event of this nature or holding the charity check, I don't assume anything about anyone anymore (meaning origin planning or amt rec'd). Does it make for interesting chat, you bet. As for the menu part of this "event"...it was quite boring.

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                      I've loved Ina for years and I found the episode disheartening and depressing.

                    2. For those interested, I found it repeating Monday afternoon (West Coast), just FYI ...

                      1. Just throwing this out there.. I get extreme anxiety watching or listening to Ina... no idea why but cant stand it

                        1. I watched the episode and, while I didn't think it was that bad, if I ever have a $100,000 to drop at a charity auction, I probably won't be bidding on any lunches with celebrities. The lunch seemed awkward; I would have been itching to leave...

                          1. I like Ina's recipes a lot, but I have a hard time watching her show. I might have to Tivo this one, though.

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                            1. re: Chocolatechipkt

                              Most of the "highlights" are linked above. It wasn't worth the time to Tivo :)

                            2. I just watched some of it, I could not watch it all. How sad that even Ina has gotten on the Food Network downhill slide