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Jan 25, 2011 07:18 AM

Caba San Lucas area Help

Hi there everyone. My SO and I will be traveling in a few weeks to stay at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach for a week. Was hoping to get some current advice on places to eat. We have never been to Cabo before and are looking mostly for great Taco joints or street vendors. Thinking about doing a few road trips if we end up renting a car so any good eats in smaller quaint towns would be great too. Also, any thoughts on a good supermarket that might be near our hotel to stock up on goods for the week would be a great help to. Thank so much in advance.

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  1. Do a search on this board and you will find lots of suggestions. Best to stop at Costco for wine and liquor. The big grocery store, CCC, was recently bought out and they have stopped catering quite so much to gringos but it is still a huge store and has just about everything. If you decide to make day trip to Todos Santos let me know and I will give you some suggestions - although you can find my suggestions on this board already.

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      Instead of Costco make a stop at Walmart you get small portions. They is a real good taco vendor in Downtown Cado about a block south of the Giggling Marlin. I was there 2 months ago and had some great tacos for a $150 pesos. Beware of the time share people they are every where. The best bar in Cabo is called the Happy Ending Cantina for $5 you get 2 Coronas or Pacificos and 2 double shots of tequlia

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        Thanks so much guys. I have done some searches but I seem to be getting things a few years old. I will try some more. I was just hoping to get some current info. Mariana, Todos Santos looks great and would make a good day trip. What are you suggestions there. I will also look at your prior posts. Again thank you so much for any help.

    2. If you want good tacos- go to San Jose. The Hangman has excellent tacos- the cochinita pibil are my favorite.

      I was just in Cabo and ate at La Fonda. It is nicer than a taco joint or a street vendor, but they do have tacos. If you want a nicer meal- go there. I wish I could have eaten there every day, but we only went once...

      1. Check out Trip Advisor for great information. You should be able to find Trapper's List, which is an amazing listing of all the restaurants in the area, what they are like and what you will pay.

        I can personally recommend two: Tacos Gardenia in Cabo, near the fire hall and Puerto Paraiso Mall - awesome tacos, shrimp cocktails, etc. There shrimp tacos are really popular! Also a little place downtown Cabo called Gordo Lele's - the folks on Trip Advisor highly recommend it. If you are lucky you will get a meal and a song!

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          Yes, Trapper's List is very helpful. If you decide to stop at the Walmart center then by all means go to Europea - best wine and liquor selection in southern Baja and a deli as well. I have also been told by a long-term resident that the sushi restaurant in the Walmart center is terrific and affordable- have no personal experience .I can tell you that Nik-San has wonderful sushi but is really really pricey. If you come to Todos Santos are you looking for street food or upscale food? We have both and both are good but very different. It is a lovely town IMO and there are many galleries to wander through. Don't get sucked into Hotel California or Tequila Sunrise across the street. Would you consider staying over night? A couple of the best restaurants are dinner only. Tell me a little more about what you are looking for and I will be happy to give you some suggestions.

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            Thank you so much Mariana. I am an early thirties chef from Boston and I guess more interested in street food and tacos than I am in fine dining on this trip but would most certainly be up for trying something great. Unfortunately as we are bound by a time share exchange it would only be a day trip. Any reccomendations would be great but especially little hole in the wall places even if they only do one thing great. My spanish is kitchen passable but not great. I usually can get by though. Again thank you. Any recs would be great.

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              For fish or shrimp tacos turn left at the first opportunity when you hit town - the "truck" route - there are two taco stands with tables on the right - both good. There is also one on the left and if it is open I like it best. Tacos Georges is also good - on Colegio Militar just before Hidalgo. If you want beef or pork go to Baraja's - coming into town go straight down the hill and just before the Pemex on the left you will see it. If you arrive at Pemex turn around. The whole world loves Miguel's - really, it's true. Kitty-corner from the Pemex. He is famous for his chile rellenos but really everything is good. I like El Zaguan a whole lot but it is a little above street food - although you can sit on the street. Just a couple of doors down from the book store - you can't miss it. They are strictly seafood but it is consistently good and not too pricey. A local man owns it who once owned Los Adobes - before it hit that ugly down hill slide. Go into the book store and pick up El Calendario - our monthly news magazine that has a map of town. I don't much like Cafelix - it think it is a bit too gringo-ized but I guess it is a good spot if you crave a coffee drink. Barajas is closed Tues and Miguel is closed Wed. Best place for ice cream is on C. Militar - just past Hidalgo on the right - just past an ugly pink building Hotel Maria Bonita. Hotel California food is awful - Santa Fe is exquisite but very pricey - close to $20 for a plate of pasto with pesto. Have fun!!

          2. my wife and i honeymooned at pueblo bonito rose' a couple of years ago...
            yes watch out for the time share..and the people walking up and down the beach...

            as far as food we did go to sammy hagars cabo wabo...
            but for the most part we ate at the hotels...
            rose had a really good cauliflower soup and some great green chilaquiles that i remember
            they did have a shuttle that ran between the u can try the different food at each hotel...
            and one night they did bring some of the local artisans that do some nice work and wont rip u off..