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Care to share your Costco grocery list?


I'm curious to know what groceries people buy at Costco. I'm only feeding a family of two so I don't normally try new things at Costco as my storage space is quite limited. Is there anything at Costco that is a must-try?

My usual Costco shopping list includes:

- beef tenderloin
- mixed greens salad in a box
- strawberries
- pineapple
- Piroline chocolate-hazelnut cookies
- Kawartha Ice Cream - Moose Tracks
- Japanese green tea
- whole black pepper
- sweet potato fries

I'd love to know what you buy!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. coffee - the green bag Kirkland brand
    all bran buds - cheaper than anywhere else
    hummus - we easily go through 2 containers/week
    mixed salad greens
    sometimes the Kirkland Kettle chips, but i try to resist
    Ghiradelli brownie mix
    mixed nuts
    I always check the cheese case, usually there is at least one good deal
    parmigiano reggiano - I usually split a big block with my mother
    love their chicken pot pie when we have family over

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    1. re: cheesymama

      Campari tomatoes (the only decent ones in my area available in the winter)
      Berries -- the blackberries are usually the best deal
      Haricot Vert
      Spring mix or Romaine hearts
      Mushrooms - button and baby portabellas
      Lamb chops
      Rotisserie chicken (often)
      Marconi almonds
      Cream puffs (our store still has them, but in a smaller package
      Aidells chicken meatballs
      Lobster or crab dip
      Fresh salmon
      Smoked salmon
      Their chocolate layer cake (not the sheet cake)
      Brownie Bites
      Sometimes the Kettle chips
      Cheese: Brie, Comte, and fresh Parmesan
      Large size Pom Juice (refrigerated section)
      Their lentil thingee - somewhere between a soup and a stew - V.good
      Quiches and stuffed grape leaves in the refrigerated section. Grape leaves are particularly good if they have them
      Texmati brown rice
      Manitou dried mushroom blend
      Vanilla extract
      Frozen shrimp wonton soup with noodles

      For the Dogs
      Kirkland Weight Control dog food
      Kingdom Pets Chicken Jerky
      Pig Ears ( but haven't seen them lately)

    2. Boneless Chicken Thighs
      Jarlsberg Cheese
      Liberty Yogurt (regular or greek, depending on that week's price and preference)
      Turkey Pepperoni Sticks
      Frozen Broccoli florets

      1. butter
        Blue Hill Bay pickled herring
        sea salt
        boneless pork chops
        boneless leg of lamb
        frozen shrimp
        mixed nuts
        assorted crackers (can't recall the brand off the top of my head)
        cream puffs
        rotisserie chicken (most all their other prepared foods have been disappointments)

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        1. re: JungMann

          You don't like the chicken salad, noodle soup, or pot pie they make from their rotisserie chickenS?

          Shopping for one, plus dogs:
          Kirkland Chicken & Rice kibble
          Kirkland canned tuna
          store-baked 2-pack breads: roasted garlic loaf or multigrain
          store-made chicken salad
          store-made chicken pot pie
          vitamins and supplements
          cheap wine for cooking
          potatoes and onions (only in winter when it's cool enough to store for at least a month)
          Kirkland-Sunsweet prunes
          Dubliner, Paneer, and Grana Padano cheeses
          Ling-Ling frozen peking ravioli (chicken&veg)
          Frozen berries

          1. re: greygarious

            I haven't tried their chicken salad or pot pie. I thought their noodle soup was bland (which was surprising since the rotisserie is so salty). Are the chicken salad and pot pies any better?

            1. re: JungMann

              Of the three, I'd rank the soup last. Needs more onion and the noodles and carrots are too soft. The saltiness of the chicken comes through in the pot pie but not in the chicken salad. Still, the pot pie filling is delicious. I have to freeze slices because it's so large. I have never had the chicken caesar salad.

              1. re: greygarious

                Just got the soup last night, I've had it before so I know what to do. Added onion, garlic, some white meat from the rotisserie chicken I also bought, and a little bit of the organic frozen corn I also buy from Costco. The soup was for a sick family member who loves to have gallons of soup when he is sick. I know fussing with food that is supposed to be heat and eat might be losing some of the point, but I can't resist playing with my food anyway. Used the rest of the rotisserie chicken to toss in the leftover chicken tikki masala that I also got from Costco. Anyone try the prepared chili that has been appearing next to the soup?

                1. re: greygarious

                  That pot pie is terrific and HUGE! Definitely have to freeze partS of it.

                  We've been feeding the Nature's Domain dog food for about a year I'm guessing. You might be impressed with the ingredients.


                  1. re: c oliver

                    Isn't that a lot of potato and low protein for a dog? I buy Wellness Core grain free for my cats that's 50% protein or thereabouts. Subbing spuds for grains is kind of weasel wording.

                    1. re: mcf

                      I gather that's about standard protein for dog food. In addition to potatoes there's

                      "Salmon meal, sweet potatoes, peas, potatoes, canola oil, potato protein, potato fiber, natural flavor, flaxseed, ocean fish meal, salt, choline chloride, dried chicory root, tomatoes, blueberries, raspberries, yucca schidigera extract, dried Enterococcus faecium fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus casei fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus plantarum fermentation product, dried Trichoderma longibrachiatum fermentation extract, vitamin E supplement, iron proteinate, zinc proteinate, copper proteinate, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodide, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), manganese proteinate, manganous oxide, ascorbic acid, vitamin A supplement, biotin, biotin, calcium pantothenate, manganese sulfate, sodium selenite, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), vitamin B12 supplement, riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin D supplement, folic acid."

                      Our vet likes it and the dogs are healthy and not overweight.

                      1. re: mcf

                        go to the Wellness web site, they've had a voluntary recall of their pet food, specifically cat food.

                        1. re: Atochabsh

                          Thanks, fortunately it doesn't apply to what I'm feeding my cats, which is dry Wellness Core grain free.

                  2. re: JungMann

                    I think their chicken salad is way too salty

                    1. re: Tari

                      That's funny b/c I thought their chicken salad was extremely bland and boring!

                2. re: JungMann

                  I recall seeing the cream puffs maybe two years ago but they have been discontinued at our local Costco. My mother in law use to request them for her birthday.

                3. Pork ribs
                  Boneless pork chops
                  Multigrain crackers, the gluten free ones with sesame seeds
                  Cheese -- parm, old cheddar, jalapeno jack
                  Tzatziki -- delicious and so much easier than making it myself
                  Frozen edamame
                  Hellman's mayo
                  Frozen sea scallops

                  1. 6 pound bag of whey protein powder
                    Bottle of Vitamin D3
                    Bottle of fish oil capsules

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                    1. re: redfish62

                      redfish62, is that it? You pay a membership fee for those items?

                    2. Almonds
                      Meats/seafood/poultry (to be portioned, vacuum sealed and frozen)
                      Bottled water

                      Non food items include paper towels, toilet tissue, tooth paste, deodorant, razor blades, vitamins, printer ink, electronics, food-saver bags, cat litter, clothing and books among others.

                      1. Almost every week:

                        Cottage cheese
                        Rotisserie chicken


                        Grana Padano cheese
                        Bottled water
                        Milk boxes
                        Paper products (TP, etc)
                        Potato bread
                        Laundry detergent
                        String cheese
                        Dog treats
                        Ground beef
                        pork chops/tenderloin
                        chicken breasts
                        Shredded cheeses (we divide into one-lb bags and freeze)
                        pizza bagels
                        frozen chicken tenders
                        fresh pineapples
                        dried fruit (cherries, apricots etc)

                        About once a year:

                        Other components

                        I usually drop around $100 each week. I also hit BJs once a month in lieu of Costo (wider selection of canned fruits, cereal, some other stuff) and end up dropping around $150 there.

                        1. carrot and orange juice
                          organic eggs
                          wild fish such as ahi and halibut and wild shrimp when they have it
                          berries I just got some great organic blueberries
                          meyer lemon
                          organic herbs such as oregano
                          mara natha natural almond butter

                          1. Havarti, Dodoni feta, Cabot cheddar, provolone, parmegiano reggiano, buffalo milk mozzarella, brie
                            Australian lamb (leg, rack, loin chops)
                            Boxed organic mixed baby greens
                            Artichoke dip
                            Coleman organic chicken, both whole and in parts
                            Phillips crab cakes
                            Frozen shrimp, uncooked
                            Frozen scallops
                            Limes, lemons
                            Campari tomatoes
                            Hellman's mayo
                            Pistachios, shelled and unshelled
                            Sometimes olive oil (prefer Fairway's)
                            Enteric coated fish oil gel caps
                            I miss the gold bag organic medium roast coffee terribly; discontinued

                            Lots of non food items.

                            1. Shopping for the two of use and having to share a fridge/freezer with a roommate. So amount of meat depends on available freezer space:

                              - Chicken thighs or legs (Even though a little more expensive than I usually spend, they are easy to freeze and already portioned
                              -Chicken breasts (divided and put in freezer)
                              -Pork tenderloin (divided and put in freezer)
                              -Salmon (divided and put in freezer)
                              - Mozzarella cheese

                              - Rotisserie Chicken

                              - Coffee beans (Mayorga)

                              - Liquid dish detergent

                              - Box of granola bars

                              And of course a hot dog (with sauerkraut)

                              Mini black and white cookies
                              Pork chops
                              Other cheeses
                              Tortilla chips (big brown paper bag)
                              Other fruits

                              1. single girl only shopping for myself:
                                - Organic eggs
                                - Fage 0% yogurt
                                - Maranatha Almond Butter
                                - Kirkland/Ito-En Green Tea bags
                                - Kirkland toilet paper
                                - Bounty paper towels
                                - Organic spinach
                                - Kirkland Organic PB
                                - Organic berries when they have them
                                - Clementines

                                i don't really eat packaged snack food, and anything else fresh is just too big or goes bad before i can possibly use it all.

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                                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                  I thought Costco organic eggs were from that Ohio company with all the violations and disease last year? Hillandale, is it?

                                  1. re: mcf

                                    not in CA. all the Costco eggs here are from Norco Ranch, and i confirmed several times during the recall that they weren't affected.

                                    unfortunately i just did a Google search to get general info on Norco out of curiosity after seeing your post, and turned up links about animal abuse that i hadn't seen before. looks like i'm going back to relying on Trader Joe's for my organic eggs...

                                    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                      In some cases (non chemically soaked scallops) Costco is very quality conscious and in others, quality in name only. I seem to recall the Norco name having come up in something I read as a problem supplier. So who does TJ's get theirs from? It gets exhausting, no? Michael Pollan warned about the effect of "Walmartization" on the label "organic."

                                      In my area, the organic eggs were from the big disease purveyor. :-/

                                      1. re: mcf

                                        sometimes i wish i was one of those people who was okay living blissfully in ignorance. from what i just read, TJ's doesn't use a humane egg supplier either! it appears that the only retail eggs available here in CA that are certified by the Humane Farm Animal Care program are Horizon Organic and Gold Circle Farm.

                                        guess i'll have to start paying a premium for eggs again...which means i'll also have to decrease my consumption. grrr.

                                        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                          I hate to be the bearer of bad news; I don't buy Horizon products. Gold Circle doesn't let their cage free hens outdoors; they also sell eggs from caged hens. Do you subscribe to the Cornucopia Institute?

                                          1. re: mcf

                                            that news about Horizon broke years ago - i was under the impression they had cleaned up their act since then...?

                                            you're killing me here. i already had to give up soy, gluten, and pretty much all grains. at this rate you're going to turn me into a vegan, and then i'll have nothing left to eat but fruits, vegetables and nuts!

                                            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                              Just get some chickens. They are stooopid, but sweet. Name them things like
                                              Hen-rietta, Egg-ness, Glad-ass, etc. That's what I did.
                                              We are all happy now. I get the eggs and they are little queens.

                                              1. re: sedimental

                                                i wish...my building would evict me tout-de-suite! love the names you gave yours :)

                                              2. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                Sorry, I'll sit on my hands next time! I guess I don't sweat it as much as you do. To the degree that I can, I buy pastured, free range, grass fed, wild caught, humane, etc. But I know when I eat out, I'm not getting all that and I live with the fact that I'm at least reducing the demand for less desirable practices with my habits, not single handedly eliminating them. Doesn't LA have a farmer's market where you can lay in (pun intended) some eggs?

                                                A woman walked up to me in TJ's on day while I was picking up a bag of their roasted, unsalted almonds and said to me, "those would be much better for you if they were raw." I glared at her and said "I gave up starches and sugar years ago, I'm going to eat these the way I like them!" :-)

                                                1. re: mcf

                                                  ha! good for you. i NEVER offer unsolicited advice to people about food - i think it's incredibly intrusive and rude. but some days i wonder if someone stamped "Nutritionist" on my forehead in my sleep because i can't ever get through a shopping trip without someone stopping me to ask me my opinion about a product or food. apparently i look like i know what i'm doing :)

                                                  and yes, i can get eggs here at the FM, i just haven't been able to hit the market when i need them lately because my schedule has been all over the place.

                                                  anyway, thanks for the info!

                                                  1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                    LOL, I must have "Answer Grape" stamped on my forehead, because people ask me about everything, including in the laundry/cleaning aisles and the food! Happened to me last week in the dairy aisle at Fairway...

                                                    I think eggs stay fresh a very long time, so maybe you could just stock up when you do get to the FM now and then? At least you have a good option that doesn't require a rural land purchase. ;-)

                                    2. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                      remembered a few more:
                                      - balsamic vinegar
                                      - Brita filters
                                      - Swiffer refills
                                      - "raw" almonds

                                      and during the holidays:
                                      - fresh cranberries
                                      - pecans
                                      - walnuts

                                      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                        The balsamic vinegar, is it Kirkland? I've been meaning to try it...

                                        1. re: Hondapendragon

                                          yes, it's Kirkland. nothing spectacular, but a serviceable option for basic everyday use.

                                          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                            It's also a good choice for making balsamic syrup. Just reduce by about 50% or so, I like to add a tablespoon or so of dark brown sugar. Very good drizzled over strawberries with some black pepper.

                                    3. there I buy very little. don't care for CC but if I am there, it's quickly in and quickly out, the list is that short. unless of course I'm in Kauai for their ice cream outside of the building then my list is long, as long as I get my iced cream combo. :)

                                      1. Shopping mostly for one person, my list is a bit different, although my trips are often sparked by planning a dinner for friends or a potluck or picnic to go to. Of course one should never shop hungry, so a hot dog (usually polish) is mandatory.

                                        The list below is in order of the way this costco is laid out. Obviously I don't buy all of these every time. But these are the items in my house that are predominantly from costco.

                                        -ground beef chubs, to be frozen
                                        -either steak or pork chopsm some for that day, the rest to freeze
                                        -frozen chicken thighs (unless i specifically need the more expensive breasts)
                                        -occasionally bacon, most of which goes into the freezer
                                        -occasionally a roast (beef or pork)

                                        -baby spinach
                                        -artichokes when in season
                                        -asparagus when in season
                                        -grapes when in season
                                        -mixed bell peppers or green bell peppers

                                        -grated parmesan
                                        -portuguese sausage (its a Hawaii thing)
                                        -pastrami when they have it
                                        -some kind of dip (artichoke, seafood, hummus, it depends)
                                        -garlic cloves

                                        Paper Goods
                                        -Toilet tissue
                                        -Paper Towels
                                        -Paper Napkins
                                        -Paper Plates
                                        -Wooden Chopsitcks
                                        -Aluminum Foil
                                        -Plastic Bags of various kinds and uses
                                        -Trash Bags
                                        -Dish Soap
                                        -Laundry Soap

                                        -I rarely buy anything in dairy except maybe grated cheese (gasp) I'm not an egg eater,
                                        and don't drink milk (allergic). No way I could go thru enough orange juice before it soured.

                                        -Ghirardelli Brownie Mix
                                        -Oil (vegetable and olive)

                                        Canned Goods
                                        -Tomato Sauce
                                        -Diced Tomatoes
                                        -Tomato Paste
                                        -Cream of Mushroom Soup
                                        -Chicken Broth
                                        -SPAM ! (yes, really... I say it proudly! usually low sodium)
                                        -Canned beans, hopefully not just kidney
                                        -Pork and Beans
                                        -Refried Beans
                                        -Chili (unless they only have stagg...bleah)
                                        -Sometimes soup, depending on what they have
                                        -Green Beans

                                        Personal Care
                                        -Bar Soap
                                        -Razor Blades

                                        1. I only shop for myself and this is what I like to buy specifically from costco:

                                          rotisserie chicken (once in a while as I feel that it's ridiculously salty, but makes the best chicken stock ever)
                                          mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms - baby bella and white button
                                          romaine lettuce
                                          fage 0% yogurt
                                          whole tellicherry peppercorns (best deal ever)
                                          vanilla beans
                                          cibo pesto

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                                          1. re: bitsubeats

                                            forgot about the vanilla beans - just started buying them there this year thanks to my fellow Hounds :)

                                            1. re: bitsubeats

                                              Oh, YES to the Cibo pesto and peppercorns. I have vanilla beans from there, too.

                                              1. re: mcf

                                                has anyone figured out how to preserve that pesto? I've frozen my homemade stuff, but not sure about the store bought stuff. I've bought it before and adore it, but it always gets gross before I can finish it.

                                                1. re: IndyGirl

                                                  I freeze it. You could freeze half in a smaller container.

                                            2. Bagged nuts
                                              Bottled water
                                              Rotisserie chicken
                                              Canned beef (great for quick meal burritos and soup)
                                              Kirkland tuna in water
                                              Dish detergent
                                              Kitchen bags
                                              Big black garbage bags
                                              Vitamin D-3 and Calcium tablets
                                              Cetaphil face cleanser
                                              Dried cranberries
                                              Kirkland Decaf Coffee
                                              Canned baked beans
                                              Vanilla extract
                                              Olive oil
                                              Helman's Mayo
                                              Thin Spaghetti
                                              Fresh salmon and cod
                                              Sirloin steaks
                                              Boneless chicken breasts
                                              Canadian bacon
                                              Red peppers
                                              String beans
                                              Spring mix
                                              Scatter rugs
                                              Chocolate chips
                                              Waxed paper sheets
                                              Coffee filters

                                              Occasionally I will buy baguettes or other bakery bread. I've tried the bakery cookies, but they're a bit too sweet for me with a processed after taste.

                                              I used to buy canned chicken broth, but I switched to low sodium and my Costco store doesn't carry it.

                                              I bought my slow cooker there and rolling luggage, occasionally some clothing when something appeals to me (not often). I usually am happy with the quality and there's never been a problem when I've returned things.

                                              I don't buy too many frozen items since I live an hour away from the store and when we do go we make a day of it shopping, eating out and maybe a movie. So frozen would be not so frozen when I got home.

                                              1. Items I get repeatedly:

                                                Bag of quinoa (Tru Roots)
                                                Frozen salmon burgers (great quick meal with spinach cooked in oil from salmon)
                                                Box of 2 large jugs of vinegar (put in spray bottle for cleaning kitchen counters)
                                                Bag of pistachios in shells for snacking
                                                Movie tickets (ok not exactly a grocery item)
                                                Large roll of foil, freezer bags
                                                2 loaves of bread e.g. Miltons - almost cheaper than buying 1 at the supermarket, freeze 1 loaf
                                                Rotisserie chicken
                                                Vitamin D3, Calcium & Fish oil
                                                Brita filters (esp when there is a coupon)
                                                Organic chicken thighs & breasts in packages
                                                Goat cheese in small log (I found this less goaty than other brands)
                                                Almond butter

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                                                1. re: plantainchips

                                                  I forgot to put the quinoa on my list -- it's prewashed!

                                                2. President's Brie - at like $5.99, I buy it ALL the time
                                                  Raw Shrimp
                                                  Cooked Shrimp
                                                  Chicken Viola (I always have it on hand for nights I can't stand the thought of cooking)
                                                  Pre-cooked bacon
                                                  Frozen salmon filets
                                                  Canned white meat chicken breast (for enchiladas, curry-chicken salad sandwiches, ect)
                                                  Pre-cooked chicken breast strips
                                                  And in the summer, cherries and strawberries!
                                                  And on my birthday, the All American Fudge Cake - OMG (those little brownie bites are good, too. And the apple pie)

                                                  1. Tillamook cheddar loaf
                                                    Garden Fresh salsa
                                                    Organic ground beef
                                                    Lamb chops (sometimes, splurge item)
                                                    Prepared mac/cheese
                                                    San Pellegrino soda (they sell a variety pack of limonada/arranciata)
                                                    Jif peanut butter
                                                    Ghirardelli brownie mix (sometimes)
                                                    Organic dry mashed potatoes (ingredients: potatoes and salt maybe, they'll do in a pinch)
                                                    Organic fresh baby spinach
                                                    Cibo pesto
                                                    Sun dried tomatoes
                                                    The occasional rotisserie chicken
                                                    Sometimes the individual ciabbata if I have an immediate plan for them

                                                    Used to buy the honey roasted peanuts or trail mix but realized that we just gobble it down and we don't need the calories :)

                                                    1. Also 2 people with limited storage space. Here's what I buy regularly-
                                                      - raspberries
                                                      - pineapple
                                                      - 6 pack of romaine hearts
                                                      - 10lb bag onions
                                                      - lemons
                                                      - vanilla
                                                      - sugar (brown, white, powdered)
                                                      - instant coffee
                                                      - shredded mozarella
                                                      - chewy granola bars
                                                      - bread (sandwich thins or 40 calorie loaf)
                                                      - butter
                                                      - milk
                                                      - eggs

                                                      Non food items- toilet paper, paper towels, tinfoil, scrubby sponges, bar soap, dishwashing soap, ziplock bags, contact lenses, electronics, down comforter.

                                                      If I'm having company, I plan my trip to Costco around it. I buy avocados, canteloupes, lox, sometimes a cake.

                                                      1. Cooking for two, with one not here for meals half the time:

                                                        Rotisserie chicken
                                                        Green bag of coffee beans
                                                        half and half, organic
                                                        rice cracker snack mix (my SO loves this stuff)
                                                        Campari tomatoes
                                                        organic baby spinach
                                                        sleeve of mixed bell peppers
                                                        berries - the blackberries are usually fantastic
                                                        Lamb, usually roast but chops too
                                                        Pita chips
                                                        Polish sausage w/ kraut deal

                                                        Less often:
                                                        TP, kirklands
                                                        laundry soap
                                                        dish soap
                                                        prescription medicine
                                                        San Pellegrino limonata and aranciata cans
                                                        canned tomato products
                                                        Grey Poupon
                                                        ricotta (when they have it)
                                                        wine (no spirits in NC)
                                                        wild caught fish
                                                        tzatziki sauce
                                                        Ghirardelli brownie mix
                                                        appliances/electronics as needed - Costco often has the product we end up with

                                                        We have limited freezer space, so there are many items that we don't buy for that reason.
                                                        The majority of my cooking is from scratch, so the eliminates much of their offerings.
                                                        Even though I only shop a fraction of the store I still consider my membership well worth it!

                                                        1. Great idea for a post Hondapendragon! I often peer into others' carts when I'm stuck in a long line. I try not to make it obvious. And when I eat at the Costco food court I gawk at the parade of carts going past. Spring and fall are the best because often trees and shrubs go by and I feel just like Macbeth. :) Thanks to you I can now peek electronically.
                                                          -potatoes (all kinds but next trip I'm going for the gold!
                                                          -fruit (grapefruit and oranges mostly right now
                                                          -spring mix
                                                          -green beans
                                                          -soon asparagus!!!!
                                                          -fage yogurt
                                                          -kettle corn (so addicting sometimes I buy two bags)
                                                          -coffee (different every time but always with caffeine
                                                          -japanese green tea
                                                          -frozen organic corn (I tend to stock up on this as it seems to be seasonal where I am
                                                          -bread I like miltons but will buy white bread too under duress
                                                          -finally scored vanilla beans around Christmas and they are long gone from the shelves
                                                          -laundry detergent
                                                          -kirkland toilet paper
                                                          -kirkland dried and canned dog food
                                                          -bird seed
                                                          -lately been enjoying prime top sirloin. I'm still awed by the prime meat for sale
                                                          -pork chops
                                                          -rotisserie chickens
                                                          -frozen tiramisu
                                                          I try to budget a bit extra in case I see something tempting lately I have gotten
                                                          -skeechers shape up sneakers for men
                                                          -shearling boots
                                                          -men and women's sweaters and vests
                                                          -David's cookies brand cheesecakes especially the chocolate truffle
                                                          -cherry pie
                                                          -non stick fry pans
                                                          -a vacuum cleaner
                                                          -space saving hangers
                                                          -an orchid!!!! (only because of their generous return policy. It's been over two weeks and not only haven't I killed it yet, but a new flower opened!

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                                                          1. re: givemecarbs

                                                            any chance that the laundry detergent you buy is the Kirkland Environmentally Friendly HE? i'm considering trying it because my current bottle of 7th Generation is nearly empty, but i'd hate to schlep that huge container back to Costco if i don't like it.

                                                            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                              I use the kirk brand powder. (it comes in huge industrial tubs). Highly recommend (it's the original tide formulation -- AND it cleans grease like nothing else! )

                                                              1. re: Chowrin

                                                                thanks Chowrin...unfortunately i can only use HE liquid detergents in my washing machine.

                                                                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                                  That's the laundry detergent that we buy. No complaints. And the big container lasts forever.

                                                                  1. re: viperlush

                                                                    I hope it's a LOT better than their awful dishwasher gel. Everything was dirty and all the glass was cloudy til I threw it out and upgraded back to Cascade. Now everything is clean and sparkly again.

                                                                  2. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                                    I use it too. I like it more than 7th Gen. actually.

                                                                    1. re: meatn3

                                                                      no dishwasher, so I use a lot of dish detergent. I like the Kirkland natural one. It has a light fragrance that's not overwhelming. Price is good too- $7.99 for a huge container.

                                                                    2. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                                      awesome! thanks to both of you for the feedback. and perfect timing - there's a coupon in the newest batch :)

                                                                  3. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                                    That's the one we use. I have 2 kids (so lots of dirty clothes) and I'm quite happy with it. And as said above, it lasts forever.

                                                                    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                                      I love this detergent, its my go to. I also have sensitive skin, and this works without any type of irritation. It cleans wonderfully, and is about half the cost of Tide with the coupon that comes out twice a year. I believe it is made by P&G, it appears to be a formulation of Tide.

                                                                      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                                        Naw I grabbed the Ultra HE last time. After about a half hour at Costco the voices in my head start whispering Get Out! I finish my list faaast before they start screaming and tend to just throw the last few items in the cart and make my get away. :)

                                                                    2. I buy a lot of things at Costco, but one thing I always buy when they have it:

                                                                      Honey Smoked Salmon. To die for. I go to Costco just for that sometimes. And it freezes well.

                                                                      1. uh...humm... I shop at costco, for two people, about once a month. Budget around $100-120. Then I buy milk from the corner store.

                                                                        That said, this list is more of a "things I buy from costco when I run out/next time I'm there" than an "I buy every month" list.

                                                                        Sliced Bread
                                                                        50lb. bag flour
                                                                        50 lb. bag sugar
                                                                        2lb. bag yeast
                                                                        Lemon Juice
                                                                        Tomatoes (big and small cans)
                                                                        Big cans of Kidneys
                                                                        Oranges (in season only)
                                                                        Jelly Beans (in season only)
                                                                        Chicken Broth
                                                                        Sour Cream (summer only)
                                                                        Turkey Bacon (summer only)
                                                                        Croutons (summer only)
                                                                        Red Bull Salad Dressing (almost local!), or the ginger dressing that ain't.
                                                                        Carrots (no one else practically mentioned this! so surprised! We live on these!)
                                                                        Potatoes (in season)
                                                                        Basmati Rice
                                                                        Pouch Potatoes (great for a quick meal).
                                                                        Peanut butter
                                                                        Tortilla Chips
                                                                        Kirk. brand salsa (out of season only)
                                                                        Mozarella/Provolone Cheese
                                                                        Choice beef, including flanksteaks
                                                                        Whole Chickens
                                                                        Brown Sugar
                                                                        Tomato Paste
                                                                        Soy Sauce
                                                                        Heinz distilled vinegar

                                                                        Things I have bought, enjoyed, and don't have the budget for:
                                                                        Sandwich steaks (so less greasy)
                                                                        Multicolored peppers
                                                                        Mixed Nuts
                                                                        Around the World truffles
                                                                        Hot pepper cheese

                                                                        ... I'm sure there's tons more.

                                                                        Things that ain't food:
                                                                        salt for sidewalks
                                                                        scrubby sponges
                                                                        bestest bath soap! (4star quality)
                                                                        bestest paper towels!
                                                                        toilet paper

                                                                        1. Jarlsberg Cheese
                                                                          Cheedar Cheese
                                                                          Roqufert Cheese
                                                                          Swiss Cheese
                                                                          Provolone Cheese
                                                                          Broccoli florettes
                                                                          Organic frozen corn
                                                                          Organic frozen peas
                                                                          Organic frozen green beans
                                                                          Sugar snap peas and other raw veggies
                                                                          Brown Sugar
                                                                          Italian Cold Cuts
                                                                          Peanut Butter
                                                                          Organic Strawberry Preserves
                                                                          Organic Flaxseed
                                                                          Organic pasta
                                                                          Organic canned tomatoes
                                                                          Cleaning Products
                                                                          Paper goods
                                                                          Meats (Beef Pork Chicken)
                                                                          Lap Top
                                                                          Glasses, Dishes, Pots, Pans
                                                                          Small Appliances
                                                                          Funiture, Flatscreen TV

                                                                          Last Year I received cashback to purchase a set of 4 tires for my car.

                                                                          1. Cooking for 3 adults (unemployed son moved back home!)

                                                                            Rotisserie chicken (love 'em - 1 dinner, lunch the next day, then soup!)
                                                                            Organic ground beef
                                                                            Baby back ribs
                                                                            pork chops - separated into 3 chop packets and frozen
                                                                            chicken thighs, bone in skin on
                                                                            Kirkland brand bacon - 1 for the frig, 3 for the freezer. Great bacon!
                                                                            Parisienne salad mix
                                                                            organic salad greens
                                                                            bob's big boy blue cheese dressing
                                                                            whole salami
                                                                            izzy's soda
                                                                            paperback books (too many)
                                                                            t-paper, trash bags, freezer bags, ibuprofen
                                                                            cream of mushroom soup
                                                                            Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal
                                                                            Raisin Bran Crunch
                                                                            fresh baked whole-grain bread from La Brea Bakery -- wow!
                                                                            olives & nuts for my in-laws

                                                                            I just joined an organic meat buying club starting out at 10 lbs once a month (beef, pork, lamb) so that will cut down on my meat purchases at Costco.

                                                                            1. For Baking:
                                                                              - cinnamon - deal of the century! really.
                                                                              - vanilla extract
                                                                              - vanilla beans (when they have them)
                                                                              -eggs - organic
                                                                              -butter - kirkland
                                                                              -whipping cream
                                                                              -cream cheese
                                                                              -olive oil
                                                                              -vegetable oil

                                                                              -manchego cheese
                                                                              -cibo pesto

                                                                              Every Week for juicing and smoothies:
                                                                              -organic spinach - go through 2 a week (1 person)
                                                                              -organic carrots (10 lb bag for juicing!)
                                                                              -blueberries/raspberries - fresh - also get bags frozen

                                                                              salted macadamia nuts

                                                                              sometimes the gluten-free rice crackers

                                                                              Don't know what I would do if I had to get all this at a grocery store. Love Costco.

                                                                              1 Reply
                                                                              1. re: apple342

                                                                                You'd have to hand over your life savings if you shopped at a regular grocery store.

                                                                              2. For 2 adults and a puppy

                                                                                English cucumbers
                                                                                Tomatoes on the vine
                                                                                Salad greens
                                                                                Peanut butter
                                                                                Almond butter
                                                                                Strawberry preserves
                                                                                Fage Yogurt
                                                                                Parmesano Reggiano
                                                                                Costal cheddar
                                                                                Shredded Mexican cheese blend
                                                                                Tarantino Hot Italian Sausages
                                                                                Organic ground beef
                                                                                Dried fruit (cherries!)
                                                                                Canned beans
                                                                                Canned tuna
                                                                                Canned tomatoes
                                                                                Canned salmon
                                                                                Frozen shrimp
                                                                                Frozen salmon filets
                                                                                Home Run Inn frozen pizza
                                                                                Bao steamed pork buns
                                                                                Trash bags
                                                                                Cleaning products
                                                                                Paper products
                                                                                Fish oil pills (for the dog)
                                                                                Dog treats

                                                                                I think the list would have been shorter if I listed what I bought elsewhere!

                                                                                1. Coffee
                                                                                  half and half
                                                                                  cheese..the extra sharp brick
                                                                                  Goat Cheese
                                                                                  mini peppers
                                                                                  romaine lettuce/butter lettuce
                                                                                  lobster bisque
                                                                                  French onion soup
                                                                                  sea salt
                                                                                  whole peppercorns
                                                                                  Parm Reggiano
                                                                                  shrimp cocktails
                                                                                  King Crab
                                                                                  Ling Cod
                                                                                  Chicken salad
                                                                                  Cream puffs
                                                                                  vine ripened tomt's
                                                                                  paper towels
                                                                                  trash bags

                                                                                  An occasional big ass plasma TV..

                                                                                  1. question for all you Hounds who buy coffee there...which one? i like my coffee dark and bold, and their whole-bean Seattle Mountain Sumatra was a letdown. unfortunately i don't like Starbucks beans, and this was the only [supposedly] dark non-Starbucks option (i'm including the Kirkland Signature beans that are roasted by Starbucks).

                                                                                    am i missing something? whole-bean recs only, please.

                                                                                    3 Replies
                                                                                    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                                                      Try the Kirkland green bag. Wait, I'll just get myself off the sofa and take a look......

                                                                                      ............ ........................................ .............................

                                                                                      Bag says medium roast, but we brew it strong. There was one in a brown paper bag a few years ago that was better, but it went to that great discontinued place in the sky.

                                                                                      Oops, it is roasted by Starbucks.

                                                                                      1. re: meatn3

                                                                                        aww, thanks for getting off the couch to check for me :) guess i'll stick with Trader Joe's Sumatra which is actually excellent, it's just not as cheap as Costco.

                                                                                      2. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                                                        My big Costco peeve: they discontinued the gold bag organic medium roast, which is actually full bodied and delicious. I still have some left after buying every bag I could find for $5 per lb. They still have the decaf, but not the regular. Going to beg them to bring it back.

                                                                                      3. I'm single and product lifetime is important but here are the basics:
                                                                                        Mexican blend shredded cheese
                                                                                        Meats/seafood/poultry (to be portioned, vacuum sealed and frozen)
                                                                                        Cottage cheese
                                                                                        Grana Padano cheese
                                                                                        Frozen shrimp, uncooked
                                                                                        Frozen scallops
                                                                                        Kirkland toilet paper
                                                                                        Balsamic vinegar
                                                                                        Sour Cream
                                                                                        Tortilla Chips (Mission paper bag)
                                                                                        Mixed salad greens
                                                                                        Heavy whipping cream
                                                                                        Rack of lamb
                                                                                        24 pack eggs
                                                                                        Kalamata pitted olives
                                                                                        Vlasic Dill pickles
                                                                                        Grey poupon
                                                                                        Frozen fish fillets
                                                                                        Chulula hot sauce
                                                                                        Specialty cheeses

                                                                                        I can see some of the regional differences between the stores in the lists.

                                                                                        1. -spinach
                                                                                          -spring mix
                                                                                          -romaine hearts
                                                                                          -frozen wild salmon
                                                                                          -natural peanut butter
                                                                                          -cottage cheese
                                                                                          -dijon mustard
                                                                                          -minced garlic
                                                                                          -frozen shrimp
                                                                                          -toilet paper
                                                                                          -paper towels
                                                                                          -canned tomatoes
                                                                                          -veggie sausage
                                                                                          -organic eggs
                                                                                          -organic chicken breasts and thighs
                                                                                          -marinated artichokes
                                                                                          -chicken broth
                                                                                          -vitamin zero water
                                                                                          -mixed veggies
                                                                                          -frozen berries
                                                                                          -buffalo steaks
                                                                                          -ground turkey
                                                                                          -brown rice
                                                                                          -canned salmon

                                                                                          1. For the two of us; we get there about once a month. Starred items are those we buy on every trip.

                                                                                            *Carrot juice
                                                                                            *Grape tomatoes
                                                                                            Carrots, snap peas
                                                                                            Apples (for dehydrating)
                                                                                            Lobster bisque (2-pack: one for now, one to freeze)
                                                                                            Nus: almonds, cashews
                                                                                            Spices: oregano, garlic powder, chili powder, Mrs. Dash-style seasoning
                                                                                            *Granola bars
                                                                                            Coffee beans
                                                                                            Ro-Tel tomatoes w/chilis (there's no shame in Ro-Tel here in TX)
                                                                                            *Bottled water
                                                                                            *Paper plates/bowls
                                                                                            Wine/bubbly (esp. holiday deals)
                                                                                            Shorty socks

                                                                                            This thread really is fascinating; givemecarbs is right, it's just like peeking into all y'alls' carts. But without your bratty kids underfoot. LOL

                                                                                            2 Replies
                                                                                            1. re: DuchessNukem

                                                                                              it's just like peeking into all y'alls' carts. But without your bratty kids underfoot. LOL
                                                                                              and without getting maimed by someone who's so focused on getting their grubby hands on the next batch of free samples that they ram right into you with their cart!

                                                                                              you reminded me that i didn't include wine on my list - i do occasionally snatch up a great deal there.

                                                                                              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                                                                "[A]nd without getting maimed by someone who's so focused on getting their grubby hands on the next batch of free samples that they ram right into you with their cart!"

                                                                                                Amen! I've heard that Costco has Kirkland brand spirits. Has anyone tried them?

                                                                                            2. What they've stopped carrying lately: Ricotta and Artichoke hearts w/out oil.
                                                                                              What some stores don't carry: Grana Padana
                                                                                              What I've never seen at any Costco: Paneer.

                                                                                              I buy all below at Costco and nowhere else.
                                                                                              Organic carrots 10# bag.
                                                                                              Red Onions, Sweet Onions, Yellow Onions
                                                                                              Lemons, Myer Lemons, Limes, California Navel Oranges
                                                                                              Quinoa, basmati, atta flour
                                                                                              Wild fish
                                                                                              Fage Greek Yogurt
                                                                                              organic chicken
                                                                                              Olives with pimento (Spanish olives?)
                                                                                              Hot Italian Sausage
                                                                                              Mesclun greens
                                                                                              Celery when they have it
                                                                                              Bags of English Walnuts, Almonds & Pecans
                                                                                              Organic Peanut Butter
                                                                                              Almond Butter
                                                                                              Sea Salt and Peppercorns
                                                                                              Italian, Spanish & mostly any imported Cheese

                                                                                              1. Lately they've had this fab bags of little heads of red lettuce and romaine and there wonderful..
                                                                                                With those vine ripe tomt's and baby mini peppers with some baked goat cheese..yum!
                                                                                                I haven't found the Quinoa yet at my Costco..
                                                                                                Sampled the liquid CoQ-10..they say coupons come out for this at the end of the month.

                                                                                                4 Replies
                                                                                                1. re: Beach Chick

                                                                                                  BC, which location are you going to? Carlsbad & Mission Valley always had the quinoa when i shopped there.

                                                                                                  1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                                                                    Hey ghg!
                                                                                                    We miss you in SD...
                                                                                                    I go to the Costco in Poway and sometimes Morena when I'm slumming in the La Jolla area.
                                                                                                    I'm going today and will look again..it's where the Uncle Ben's rice and other starches are?

                                                                                                    1. re: Beach Chick

                                                                                                      aw, i miss you guys too! you need to let me know if you ever have a gig up here in LA, i'd love to come check it out.

                                                                                                      i *think* it should be in the same aisle as the pancake mix, flour, etc...but you know how they always move everything around. it's Bob's Red Mill Organic Quinoa in a 4# bag.

                                                                                                      good luck!

                                                                                                      1. re: Beach Chick

                                                                                                        edit to my earlier post - Culver City here in LA had it as an end-cap display *between* the cereal & grain aisles today.

                                                                                                  2. It varies; not the same items each time:
                                                                                                    All our prescriptions are cheaper at the pharmacy
                                                                                                    All meats we have bought there have been fantastic
                                                                                                    jug of maple syrup
                                                                                                    some microwaveable dinners in refrigerated section
                                                                                                    cake / pie / muffins / cookies
                                                                                                    For the dog:
                                                                                                    boneless/skinless chicken thighs and chicken jerky strips

                                                                                                    6 Replies
                                                                                                    1. re: mucho gordo

                                                                                                      We call the chicken jerky "doggy cocaine."

                                                                                                      1. re: mucho gordo

                                                                                                        My dogs love these, too. Though, sometimes at parties, I serve them with ranch dressing. The guests seem to like them, as there are never any left.

                                                                                                        1. re: rcn44

                                                                                                          HUH!!!! You give these to humans???????? With ranch dressing??? Somehow I don't think we're talking about the same item.