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Jan 25, 2011 05:19 AM

CopaCabana in Niagara Falls??

Any thoughts?
Anyone been?
Just Wondering

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  1. Fantastically awesome. I got to try suckling pig for the first tiem there.

    Heard nothing but bad things about the other one Brassa or Brasilia or whatever it's called.

    1. Went there a few years ago and loved it. The service was a touch slow but all in all we were okay with it.

      There are some things to keep in mind.

      It's loud. They have music blaring and dancers dancing. It's a real party atmosphere. At least, that's what they're going for.

      You need a group of 6 or more to make a reservation. When we went it was only 4 of us and even getting there before 6 we had to wait over half an hour. It gets worse from there.

      It's been 3 years since I've been there and I can't say if/how much it's changed.

      Skip the salad bar it's only average and it's to fill you up. Save room for the meat.


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        I've tried the one in Niagra and loved it. Having that said, I didn't find it to be much different than the one here in Toronto which I've been to probably about 30

      2. Its really good. Its my boyfriend fav restaurant. the one in TO isnt the same, but still good.

        1. I've been to the one in Toronto a couple of times and it was great! The food was amazing and plentiful. Watch out: they really overcharge all the extras: caipirinhas, coffee, pop, desserts, etc. Be aware of that if you don't want to end up with a surprisingly high cheque...

          1. I went to the Toronto location and was a little underwhelmed by the experience. Yes, they had lots of meat, but the service was slow (waiting for the specific type of meat you wanted to arrive by your table) and the staff was generally disinterested.

            Hopefully the NF one is better.