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Jan 25, 2011 05:08 AM

Best place to stay in Penedes in terms of eating and drinking

Anyone know the best town to stay in while visiting Penedes in terms of food, wine bars, bodegas, etc...?

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  1. Jake, sorry all my visits to Penedes were day trips so I can't suggest any restaurants or bars, but here is a web site with suggestions.

    I have been to the Torres winery which was a bit commercial for me but better than their downtown Villafranca location which is like a Hollywood backlot with blocks and blocks of airplane hangar sized industrial complexes.

    My favorite winery in Villafranca is Alemany y Corrio. Great wine but not much to see as it's an old car mechanics garage. Better choices for a visit are Pares Balta just outside of Villafranca and Albet i Noya in Sant Pau D' Ordal.

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      Trip K.,

      If you had to choose one town/village to stay overnight while driving from Barcelona to Madrid, from a food and wine perspective, what would it be? Thanks again for all your help.

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        It would be better if you could spend a night in both but, if you only have one night I would probably stop in Priorat. I would go to Penedes in the morning stop at Albet i Noya and maybe another cava house, then find lunch (using others suggestions) then go to Falset or Gratallops. Try to get an appointmenty with Alvaro Palacios or Sara Perez and then have dinner at Irreducibles with all the great wines of Sara, her husban and brother. Then walk to my hotel Cal Llop.

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        I'll second the Sant Pau D'Ordal recommendation. In addition to the Albet i Noya vineyard there are 2 very good restaurants in the tiny village, Cal Xim and Cal Sadoni. Cal Xim is as good a place for flame-grilled meat and fish as you'll find in Catalunya and rightly has a Michelin Bib Gourmand. The wine list is, unsurprisingly, superb too as the restaurant is frequented by a lot of the local wine growers.

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          What about staying overnight in Sant Sadurni d'Anoia? Are there places to eat and sleep?