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Jan 25, 2011 05:02 AM

Where to find Blackthorn cider in Miami?

We're staying in South beach and then on to the keys, but have a car. Desperately need to get my hands on some cans of Blackthorn to keep my father happy. Also, I hear Veuve Cliquot champagne is very reasonable in the States - any bargains around?

Thanks - Marie

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  1. It's not South Beach, but Total Wine in North Miami Beach carries Blackthorn ->

    On South Beach, you might want to try Gulf Liquors on Alton Road.

    For champagne, I'm not sure how prices compare to where you're coming from, but you may want to try Gulf, W Wine Boutique (also on Alton Rd), or the new Wine Depot near 5th St. and Jefferson).

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      OMG - what a Microbeer list! Where to start? Any favorite Florida Microbrews? We're from Toronto BTW and Veuve Clquot is ~ $60.

      1. re: mariecollins

        I like Monk in the Trunk Amber Ale, made in Jupiter FL. There's also Cigar City from Tampa, Holy Mackerel from Ft. Lauderdale.

        Also, Abbey Brewing Co. in South Beach (16th St. east of Alton) is a great little pub that brews their own beers.

        You might also be interested in Lou's Beer Garden up in North Beach (near 74th & Harding) which always has several interesting craft beers on tap.

    2. There's also a Whole Foods on Alton.