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Jan 25, 2011 04:52 AM

Le Creuset mini cocotte color?

I just purchased an enameld cast iron mini cocotte (LC) and was wondering about the color of it. The description said it was blue. I assumed it was the cobalt blue. But this blue is not the gradient color of the cobalt. It is just a solid blue. I don't have a cobalt LC piece to compare it too, but it seems like it could be the lighter color of the cobalt. My little pot is a medium or medium dark blue with a little bit of a gray cast. I tried looking up different shades of blue of LC and the closest color that I could find might be the Horizon blue.
If it is the cobalt blue, are some of the pieces not shaded? In most of the pictures of the enameld mini cocotte, the pot looks to be shaded.

The only colors that I can find on line in this little pot is flame, red, and blue. (Well, I saw where one store carried that odd grayish color.)

I was a little disappointed that my little pot was not the shaded blue color, but it is cute anyway. And I am very curious about the shade of blue that I have.

I am still anxiously awaiting my 7 quart caribbiean blue round oven. That and my new little mini pot are my first LC purchases.

Has LC been making these mini enameled cast iron pots for a long time, or are they a new thing for them?

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  1. Is this the one you bought?

    I have a couple of pieces in Kiwi, another usually gradient shade. However, on some of the shorter pieces, e.g. the roaster, they didn't bother with the darker, bottom shade. I'll bet it's because of the height of the mini-cocotte.

    Also, how is it you haven't received your caribbean oven yet? Didn't you order it, like, a month ago?

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      Yes, that is the one, except I baught mine off of ebay. (for 27.00 plus 9.00 shipping. Thought that was pretty good) The blue from Sonoma, looks about like the one I got. Sonoma doesn't show the variation in color, but some other pics on other websites do.

      Yes, I ordered by big caribbean pot about 3 weeks ago. I called the store yesterday and they said they had it, but had not shipped it to me yet, and they would get right out. So I should get it today or tomorrow.

      I saw the little blue cast iron pot in the LC store. But for the life of me, I can't remember noticing if it had the variation in color. I actually wanted a red one in the little pot, but the blue one was a much better price. I wonder now if the red would have been gradient in color.

      I don't have a clue what I am going to do with this little pot. I thought about a grease pot, but have not decided.
      I also am not sure if I should do anything with the inside of it. It looks and feels like bare cast iron, but I don't think it is because the rim really is bare and it is a little lighter in color. Wonder if I should season and bake on some grease around the rim. In fact, I wonlder if I should do the same with my new one when I get it.

      I just don't want any grease to bake on the outside. That would look awful.

      On your kiwi roaster. Did they darken the edges of the lid? My little pot lid and bottom is all the same color.

      1. re: dixiegal

        >>>>On your kiwi roaster. Did they darken the edges of the lid? My little pot lid and bottom is all the same color.<<<<

        It doesn't have a lid. Here's a picture.

        1. re: dixiegal

          You can use your little pot to hold kosher or sea salt by the stove. You can also use it for fondue for two. Just get an inexpensive coffee cup plug in warmer and place it on that. Also good to hold a warm dipping sauce, melted or a compound butter, pate, or a cheese spread.

          1. re: blondelle

            good ideas on the warm dipping sauce!
            I have some knock off cast iron enameled minis I use for salt and seasonings.. never thought of the coffee warmers!

            1. re: blondelle

              Thanks blondelle, I was going to ask if I could keep my kosher salt in it. Didn't know if it would make it rust somewhere. I also thought I could use it for melting butter for my popcorn. That is if I didn't use it for salt.

              Oh and I like that kiwi color. I think it is a happy color. Makes me smile anyway.
              Wished they had more colors in the mini cast iron pots. Should I find my little blue pot useful, I may have to watch for a good by on a red one. They are so cute. Everything about it (except the enamel on the inside) is like the big ones.:o)