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Jan 25, 2011 04:46 AM

Cherry Hill area hoagies

I need to order quite a few hoagies for a gathering next week and not being a huge hoagie fan, not sure where the favorites are. Any suggestions to place this order?

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    In the Cherry Hill area (Medford)..Sarcone's Deli makes really good sandwiches all fresh ingredients.....
    I first saw them on "Best things I ever ate" on the Food channel...check them out. I had the "Junk Yard Special"....& took home "The Sinatra"

    1. I would try DiVellos in Cherry Hill on Kresson Rd. Also, there is a Primo's on Haddon Ave in Collingswood that is pretty good (another location on 70 in Marlton). Big John's on 70 in CH is a place lots of friends like. I know DiVellos and Primos do trays. I'd do a mixed tray of Italian, turkey, ham and roast beef hoagies. You may want to consider offering a few vegetarian hoagies as well. I would also suggest Chick's in Cherry Hill, but they are not open on Sundays, fyi.

      1. Carmen's Deli in Bellmawr.

        1. I really like Primo Hoagies - they're all over the place ( My absolute fave is the Soprano... actually they're all good, never had a bad one!

          1. DiPascale's is hands down the best. Really. Sarcone's bread. Good quality meat. Excellent amount of meat. Better than Chick's (2nd) and Carmen's (3rd).

            The Mob names on Primo's menu means I will never set foot in their place.

            It's in the back of a small grocery in Pennsauken.

            Side note: I went to DiVello's once and ordered an Italian Hoagie. It had mustard and mayonaisse on it. WTF? I threw it out and never went back

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              Not for anything, but I have a friend who grew up in Philly, and he likes his Italian with mustard and each, his own...