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Jan 24, 2011 08:29 PM

Private dining for surprise birthday party

I'm looking for a venue to hold a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend. Guest list between 10-15 people. Looking for lively ambiance and great food. Since it's a surpirse, I'm looking for a restaurant with private dining area.

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  1. IMO if you want a lively ambiance and you want a private dining area, the 2 are a bit contradictory, the ambiance will need to be done by you and your group)

    You could to a "cocktail dinatoire" at Confusion Tapas (St-Denis st) in the small lounge at the back.

    I think Graziella (McGill st.) has a private dining room downstairs.

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      I am looking for a similar thing, lively ambiance, 15-20 people, good drinks/cocktail menu a major plus and apps/light food (for those that might not want a meal). Do you know if Confusion has a cocktail menu (I didn't see one online).

      Has anyone ever booked a group at Au Chaud Lapin? Their website seems to offer a lot of options for groups, including open bar, set menus and hors d'eouvres.

      Last year I reserved the back area of Jello Bar for a party, brought in my own snacks and had open bar. It worked really well but I would like to go somewhere else. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    2. On a recent trip to Pop! ( there was a surprise birthday party near the rear of the restaurant of at least 15 people, though it wasn't a private dining area. Pop! does have, in my opinion, a good, albeit short, cocktail menu (and a fairly good selection of wines by the glass) as well as great snack food. I believe you can also order off of the Laloux menu at Pop! for those who may want more of a substantial meal.

      1. I've never personally been to it, but someone in my group made a review on it, on my website, "Le Paris Beurre" supposedly the food is really good, the ambiance is nice, you have air conditioning although at this time of the year it's not really necessary. you can put your own mp3, and there's a wifi environment, can go up to 50 persons, maybe worth checking it out.

        1. Hi Sofi123,
          Have you found a place for your party... I'm looking for a similar thing... I was thinking of Garde-Mange but hard to get reservation...
          Please share if you found a good place?

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          1. re: HMehr

            We ended up having it at Rumi..the restaurant was very charming, the food was great...the only thing is, is that it took a while for us to get our good..and slightly overpriced. I bought a cake with me, and was disappointed that they charged me $3/head to cut it...