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Jan 24, 2011 06:21 PM

Do I have to throw away my crockpot?

I've had (and used) my crockpot for about 12 years now. I have noticed a few hairline cracks popping up along the inside over the past year or so. The last time I used it I realized that there is now a hairline crack along the bottom of the stoneware as well. Is it time to put it away? I would probably get a new one before replacing the part, but don't want to throw it away if it's not quite time yet. Thoughts??

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  1. If it is the kind with the ceramic interior bowl that is removable, then you might just get a replacement. Or, you can buy crockpot liners at the store..use them -and wait until it really blows.

    1. You could try the thrift stores. I have been lucky in finding replacement crocks there for two of my units. One I found an exact replacement for my one pot which had started to show wear on its metal exterior heating unit.

      I'd just go buy a new one or do the thrift store thingy. Buying a liner and having it shipped is usually not cost effective.