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Jan 24, 2011 05:51 PM

Who here drinks non-alcoholic beer?

Hey guys and gals, recently I was given O'Doul's as a client for a class, and I've got to be frank, I'm not well versed in those who prefer to drink non-alcoholic beer and I was wondering if you wonderful people could aid me.

So far in my research I've narrowed it down to Designated Drivers, and those whose religion won't let them consume alcohol (like those who follow Islam). Am I on the right track?

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  1. I drink non-alcoholic beer 'cause I usually use it as a chaser for my alcoholic tequila or g & t (minus the g)

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      Hello everybody. I am a first timer here and would like to share my views here.

      I am a non-alcoholic beer drinker by choice and have tried many different kinds. I prefer St. Pauli Girl, Clausthaler, Buckler, as well as Coors Cutter/NA. I do enjoy Kaliber NA

      The NA's i avoid are O'Douls and Becks. Old Milwaukee NA is ok, but Coors NA is my favorite U.S non-alcoholic beer.

      The non-alcoholic beers from Germany, Holland, and Ireland will always be the best by far.

      There is one from Canada that's good called LaBatts NA but is very hard to find.

      Thank You all for listening, and Thank You for your time.

    2. If your religion did not allow alcohol, I would think that the 1/2 % abv that "non-alcoholic" beers can contain wouldn't be allowed either.

      I used to drink them on occassion when I drove a delivery van and needed a cold, carbonated thirst quencher while driving around in a hot van and wasn't in the mood for sweet drinks.

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        1. I drink NA beer for safer enjoyment of my favorite beverage. Whether working or driving, I would rather have my full (admittedly limited) wits about me, including the unimpaired ability to react quickly if necesssary. At home and work, I routinely use brush-cutters, mowers, chippers, chain saws and other power tools. In my kitchen, I use a very sharp knives (because I maintain my knives). On the road, well... it really doesn't matter how good a driver you think YOU are. I admit, I can (and do) get distracted occasionally. More importantly, NO ONE can know what is going on in all those other cars (a tire ready to blow, a heated argument, a heart attack...). There is no room for any impairment (anything less than 100% of the abilities you were given by nature (or God, if you prefer). I drink water all day, lots of it, but it can get boring. Soda? Sometimes, but I really have to shelve my better judgement first.
          So, back to beer. I drink more NA than anything, because its better than no beer at all, beer (and life) doesn't have to be perfect to be enjoyed. I prefer IPA, and that it what I usually enjoy at home.

          Looking into the topic, and searching for my favorite style (India Pale Ale) in a NA, I was surprised to learn that ordinary orange juice has about the same (0.4% ABV) as many NA beers. But other than that, I found little help.

          I gave up trying American NAs more than ten years ago. Sharps was the best then, but didn't hold a candle to the imports, once the prices were nearly equal, I stayed with Becks, St. Pauli, and Clausthaler. All three produce drinkable substitutes for the real thing. Kaliber, though it stands out from the others three, can be a nice change of pace, too.

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          1. re: Duke

            I am also on the hunt for a NA IPA. No success here. I really miss IPAs.

          2. I'll drink NA's on occasion with lunch or during the afternoons, or if we're going to a concert or a play at night. I especially used to like then during long bike rides for an energy boost.

            I buy O'Doul's Amber since I prefer ales and darker beers.