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Making yellow cake mix with club soda??

i another post someone mentioned making cake from a mix by simply adding just club soda and nothing else. does it work?

i've been trying to find a decent yellow/vanilla cake recipe that does not use egg/nuts and finding to be virtually impossible. my son who has an egg allergy wants a vanilla cake and a decent one too. i used cherrybrook vanilla cake and we thought it was pretty meh. i'm usually not into using cake mixes but if it'll work then i'm game.

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  1. I've made cake mixes with diet soda, not club soda. I used diet sprite with a yellow cake mix. It's not really the texture of a regular cake. What about trying an egg replace like ener-g or flaxseed instead of the eggs?

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      i find egg replacers work well with recipes like cookies that don't rely on eggs for structure (volume) and taste. i make chocolate chip cookies with ener-g and find they're better than the recipe with egg. i've made cakes with ener-g and it's just not that good. what's the texture like made with soda?

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        it's softer than a regular cake and has some small holes running through the cake.

        I would try it though.. you never know how your son might like it. I used a duncan hines yellow cake mixed with a can of diet sprite.

    2. What are you trying to accomplish with the club soda that you can't do with water? If you mean will using club soda negate the need for eggs, the answer is no but I agree with cheesecake in that perhaps you can seek out Ener G egg replacer or as I've said in another post, try using silken tofu instead of eggs @ 3 tablespoons for each large egg subbed.

      1. The author of the Hungry Girl blog was on The View last week. Among the reduced calorie items she brought to the studio was such a cake. She said to use any cake mix with any diet soda of your choice, in the same volume as the liquids the label calls for.

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          not a huge fan of hungry girl but for this purpose i'll work with her. i'm not a big fan just bcs i think she relies too much on artificial sweeteners but in my case it's the egg i'm trying to work around. i'm also not a fan of poorly written posts such as my initial one. sorry! victim of doing too many things at once!

        2. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/516219

          A link to an older thread with a little more in depth discussion about which types of sodas to use and the turn out. I have still not tried this trick, but I would think you would have a shorter shelf-life on the cake once it's baked, since the eggs and oil help retain moistness during storage.

          1. This doesn't answer your question, but when my son had a milk/egg allergy (since outgrown), we found that using Cherrybrook (or whatever the brand was, I can't remember--ordered from Mrs Robens) and adding extra vanilla greatly improved the flavor. Most of the time, though, I just made tha tso-called "wacky" cake, which has no eggs or milk. If you leave out the cocoa powder, it can be vanilla flavored.