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Jan 24, 2011 04:40 PM

Le Creuset 5.5 Round help please! What's your favorite thing to make in it?

I am looking to buy a Le Creuset soon--and I am pretty sure I decided on the 5.5 round. But can someone tell me about how much fits into this size? I am hopingggg to not size up..but if I need to, I will do so!

Can you fit a whole chicken inside? Roast? How many lbs of each if so?

and what are some common things you use yours for? Just want to make sure I am making the right choice! :)

also, would there be any benefits to getting the 5 oval vs the 5.5 round?? Thanks in advance! :)

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  1. I think you are going to hear that the oval is ideal for longer cuts such as roasts and whole chickens.. things that are longer than they are wide.

    depending on the size of the pot, a chicken could fit in a round unit just more room on the sides rather than uniformity of space all the way around.
    I don't think you'll notice a drastic difference in the finished dish this way.

    Where you might notice a difference is .. are you using it on a burner, or in the oven? on the burners.. do you have a large burner that would accomodate your oval of choice? if not.. a round might be better for you for more even heating.
    Some will argue it doesn't matter since cast iron is a slow heating material.. and will give you the physics of it all.

    You can search through a ton of previous posts on this same topic for a ton of that type of info.. lots of experienced cooks here!

    Personally, I'm big on stews, soups, roasts and such.
    I've used my 5.5 qt round fine for these. I also have the 5qt oval.
    Of the two for a starting piece, I would go with the round.
    You might find this tidbit of info helpful as well.. edge to edge.. the oval measures 11.5" long and 9" wide.
    the round 5.5qt is 10.5" edge to edge.

    I have a hard time judging quantity and ALWAYS over prepare amounts.. so have no problem filling up a 7qt.

    1. Beef short ribs....Lots of short ribs....OMG I need to make some short ribs.

      1. My favorite thing to make is two pounds of ground meat (beef and pork) worth of Bolognese. I use Marcella Hazan's recipe, basically, with sometimes more carrots and less celery, and cream instead of milk.

        After the sauce is cooked, I taste a bowl's worth. Then I cook up a pound of cavatappi, and when it's done, transfer it into the 5.5 that has the sauce in it. It's usually a good match in terms of pasta-to-sauce ratio. You may find you like a bit more pasta with that much sauce.

        But that fits perfectly in the 5.5 qt. round.

        1. Answering to the question of a whole chicken, 4 Lb + whole chicken plus vegitables under fits my 6.75 qt oval LC. So, for 5.5qt round or 5qt oval, I am guessing a smaller whole bird fits.

          1. A 4 lb.or so chicken or pork roast will fit into a 5.5 LC. A good chicken should be more square than long as they are breeding them with larger, wider breasts these days. I call them Dolly Parton chickens :-p.

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