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Jan 24, 2011 04:04 PM

Bread baking supplies?

I just tried to buy a cloth lined banneton on Amazon, but shipping was ridiculous - $12 for a basket that cost $26. Since that's pretty much flat-out stupid, does anyone know where I can get one in town? I'm looking for your standard 8 to 9" banneton for making sourdough, etc. I haven't seen anything like this at Ace Mart, but I could be wrong. Thoughts?

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  1. Try Sur La Table at the Domain, but it could be pricey. Online you can also try and but don't know about shipping charges, it might be the same as Amazon.

    Bannetons are usually expensive, maybe try a plastic one or try to find a used one.

    1. SanFrancisco Baking Institute can't be beat: . Not sure what they charge for shipping, and it's not a "click-n-buy" business - you'll have to call them. But they know their stuff, and it's a worthy cause besides.

      Other possibilities might be Fantes: , or the aptly named . Fantes has more shapes than I ever knew existed, and are an old and reliable company...

      Good luck in your search, and if you know a good place for linen bakers' couches... I'd love to know it!