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Jan 24, 2011 04:04 PM

Bread baking supplies?

I just tried to buy a cloth lined banneton on Amazon, but shipping was ridiculous - $12 for a basket that cost $26. Since that's pretty much flat-out stupid, does anyone know where I can get one in town? I'm looking for your standard 8 to 9" banneton for making sourdough, etc. I haven't seen anything like this at Ace Mart, but I could be wrong. Thoughts?

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  1. Try Sur La Table at the Domain, but it could be pricey. Online you can also try http://www.mychefsfavorites.com and http://www.fantes.com but don't know about shipping charges, it might be the same as Amazon.

    Bannetons are usually expensive, maybe try a plastic one or try to find a used one.

    1. SanFrancisco Baking Institute can't be beat: http://www.sfbi.com/baking_supplies.html . Not sure what they charge for shipping, and it's not a "click-n-buy" business - you'll have to call them. But they know their stuff, and it's a worthy cause besides.

      Other possibilities might be Fantes: http://www.fantes.com/brotforms.html , or the aptly named Brotform.com: http://brotform.com/zencart/index.php... . Fantes has more shapes than I ever knew existed, and are an old and reliable company...

      Good luck in your search, and if you know a good place for linen bakers' couches... I'd love to know it!