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Jan 24, 2011 03:52 PM

Anyone notice a quality in rice cookers COO......

I replaced a old 3 cup Zoj. with another one after *accidently* breaking the other one.
The new one was Made in PRC. After 6-8 months of usage, the non stick coating started wearing.

Compared to my old one, which the inner pot was still good, I'm going to ~assume~ the ones made in Japan are still better.

Don't have a need or want for anything larger.

I'm off to a old supermarket I know that doesn't really move their electronics in hunt for a 3 Cup Made In Japan Tiger .

Anyone else notice this ....

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  1. A Zojirushi made in China? I honestly have never heard of such a thing. Maybe you got a knock-off?

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      Nope. Tiger and Zoji make models in Japan and China.......

      I have compiled a list of COO of which models are made where .
      The only 3 cupper that is *current* and made in Japan is only the Zoji. 3 cup induction model.

      I do recall seeing a *fuzzy logic* Japan unit 3 cupper in this old supermarket a year ago. Hopefully they still have stock.

      And yes, the inner pot quality of my PRC unit is nowhere in comparison to my previos 3 cupper if not my rarely used 10 cupper induction.

    2. I see a bit of ``sample variation`` in the quality of their non-stick surface, especially on their old school cookers. I`ve bought 3 3-cuppers for family over the past couple of years and noticed 2 were looking a bit scratched from light careful use. The shop they came from sells silicone scoops the owner thought worked better than the hard plastic or wood versions. My 3 cupper`s pot is a bit marked from moderate use but not badly from around 5 years of service. Still, I don`t think current Zojirushi or National old style models are as sturdy as the oldies, do you?

      1. Perhaps you can order a replacement for the inner pot. I don't recall the brand I have, but I contacted the US headquarters and purchased a replacement.

        1. Replacement pots are expensive in relation to a new rice cooker....depends how you look at it and the Green eco factor.$40+ for a inner pot I can't fork over, especially rolling the dice on COO - quality factor as well.

          I still use a National *branded* thermal boiler and it's just like brand new. Granted, I do descale about every 12-18 months.

          Even the tiger USA 3 cup units are PRC made. I DO recall seeing the old's just a matter of seeing if the market still carries them.

          Another Expensive option but always a option....there are tons of newer models, Hitachi, Sanyo, Panasonic and Zoi that is available from Japan that in theory should work with our USA voltage.....