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Jan 24, 2011 02:41 PM

You know those huge chocolate chip cookies at La Pain Quotidian?

I'm obssessed with them! They are so crunchy and crisp, I can't get enough of them. Does anyone have the recipe or know of a similar one? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Sorry to say I've never had them, even though I live in NYC, but you might want to post this on the Manhattan board as well, it seems like that's where you're located.

    1. I'm not familiar with the cookies at Le Pain Quotidian, but you might consider trying Jacques Torres' chocolate chip cookies. I made these recently and they may be about the best chocolate cookies I've made, thick and crunchy and crisp. And they're quite large if you use the size scoop suggested in the recipe.

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        I tried them out on the larger sizes but eventually opted for smaller ones.
        You're right; they are amazing.

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          My husband and I LOVE the Jaques Torres cookies, too! They are quite different but exceptional, as well. Thank you so much!

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            Great suggestion! I sent them an email and will keep you posted. .

          2. The one closest to me on 68th/1st sells a cookbook that has the recipe in it. I perused through it one day when waiting for my oatmeal. Those choc chip cookies are the bomb!!! Did you try googling it? Surely some blogger out there has posted on that cookie!

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              I tried googling without success. :(

            2. Given that the cookie is crisp and flat, I'd go w/ a recipe that has more butter. It reminds me of the Neiman Marcus recipe (not the one in the urban legend with the ground oatmeal but the real one from their site). It's a nice, flat, crisp cookie, more of an adult taste and the espresso powder makes a big difference. It's baked at a lower temperature, too, that allows it to spread more and crispness. I think the bake time is off and check at about 10 minutes but it takes about 12 minutes.