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Jan 24, 2011 02:07 PM

GREAT little taco shop in Putnam,CT.

I can't say enough about this little jewel of a take-out joint in Putnam!

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  1. Tell us more! What did you like about it? What menu items did you love?

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    1. re: saturngrrl

      Well, I've never been to calf. so I really haven't much of a frame of reference, however the ingredients were extremely fresh, and the flavors were just so different than any tacos
      I've ever eaten. I had the carne asada and barbacoa soft tacos, the refried beans and rice,
      and the HOT carrots.

      1. re: Td61

        Sounds good. I lived in Phoenix for a while and visited California a lot. I like the sound of the fried tacos. There were a bunch of little taco "shacks" all over the Phoenix metro area that I called "The 'Bertos" - Umberto's, Filiberto's, Roberto's, etc. And I LOVED their tacos. They had similar outfits in and around San Diego. Looking at the menu at Turtle's reminded me of those places and made me nostalgic.

    2. Turtles is AMAZING. Their chorizo tacos are addictive. Prices are great. Occasional lines, but nothing too bad.

      1. menu looks good, but I noticed they don't have pork anything....
        How can that qualify as mexican?

        1. Thanks for the tip! We're about 20 minutes away and are going to check this place out soon.