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Jan 24, 2011 01:01 PM


There was a thread a little while ago about NY1's new Let's Eat segments, from CHOW, Edible, and Zagat. We're curious: have you seen them? And what do you think? This world of broadcast television is new to us, and we would love to hear any feedback.

We've been posting the recent ones to the NY digest, too, so you can take a look here if you want:

About Vinegar Hill House:

About Taim's sabich:

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  1. Both delightful videos; had me so jealous and hungry for both eats! Great job.

    1. I like the ideas I get from all the segments, but I'm kind of turned off by what I've termed the "square-eyeglass hipster experts." I also find that it seems like every place they go to is in either Manhattan or "comfy Brooklyn/Queens." They never seem to venture out of the trendy neighborhoods. I personally want to see them venture away from the L, G, and F trains. How about discovering a new place that is NOT in Williamsburg or Dumbo. There are many other wonderful neighborhoods and places to explore.