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Jan 24, 2011 12:49 PM

Mitchel Roux's Service

Love this show...want to see the inner workings of a restaurant from the service stand point this is the show.

Plus Mitchel Roux is one of the most intellectual and caring bosses ever.

'It"s not a high drama kick one person off each week kinda show ...which I like.

and I think to watch it you really have to be into the inner workings of a restaurant on a daily if you are I would check it out.

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  1. I'm enjoying this. His basic premise is that we have too few young people choosing "front of house" as a career and, in consequence, very many servers at high end restaurants tend to be immigrant workers.

    And, while that is certainly true, the situation isnt perhaps as bad as Roux makes out. The local college where I live has a catering department. Students are training to be chefs or front of house - gaining nationally recognised qualifications in their craft. And the great thing is that they operate a training restaurant which is open to the public for both lunch and dinner. Gives the kids real opportunity to serve "real" customers.

    There's obviously some TV "fake excitement" generated in the series, as you'd expect. One restaurant, portrayed as being a very up-scale brasserie, is well known to me. And it isnt. It's OK but nothing particularly special.

    1. are you guys talking about michel roux?

      i know about michel, albert, alain, and michel roux, jr--they are all quite (rightly) famous, and i would love to see a show about michel roux's service philosophy and cooking. . . but i don't know anything about this mitch dude. can you link to a bio?

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        Sorry my bad spelling caused you confusion:) It is Michel Roux JR. I just did a cut and paste from the torrent title. :)

        1. re: chris2269

          s'okay! i am easily confused, today. :)

          is this a bbc show? available for viewing in us? streamable? i would like to check it out, but i doubt it will come in on any of the 3 channels my t.v. picks up from time to time.

          1. re: soupkitten

            Currently showing twice a week on BBC2. I have no idea how you might view it in America.

            And, on the basis that I am never right at guessing who wins reality TV shows, I'll go with Niki getting the sommelier scholarship and Ashley getting the floor service one. But almost all of them should have no problem getting jobs in the industry.

            1. re: Harters

              I did a search for this on BBC America and it is not showing in the US unfortunately...

              1. re: SmartCookie

                Here are a few ways I get my British TV fix and all are legal.

                You can get a proxy server service for around $12 a month that will let you view right off the BBC website because the server will be located in the UK.

                There are also 2 great torrent sites (Legal ones) in the UK "TheBox" and I can't remember the other right now but if your interested I'll get the name.

                These sites only host UK TV shows that are not currently for sale, once it becomes available for purchase via DVD ect. they take it down. They are also unlike most american torrent sites virus free.

                I could go into length about the sites and how to use them if someone is interested.

                There is a wealth of UK food programing out there and IMO 90% is sooooo much better than the stuff state side.

      2. I've found it gently compelling viewing, too! Roux Jr does come across very well. My votes are with Brook, who is clearly loving the whole experience, and Ashley - there's something very endearing about him! Nikkita is lovely too. Give 'em all a scholarship, that's what I say! Although I hope they all do well, regardless of what they end up doing after this.

        I do think it's great the way they're revealing what goes into service (but from a cynical point of view, I guess everyone was just getting bored of TV chefs/kitchens)