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Jan 24, 2011 12:28 PM

Help with my pillsbury pizza dough!

Ok, I have no idea how I have screwed this up TWICE now! I bought the pillsbury thin crust pizza dough, and the middle is soggy! My oven temp is correct (above 400) and I pre bake the crust for 5 minutes before adding my toppings. I don't have a pizza stone, but even so, it doesn't make any sense for the middle to be as soggy as it is. I'm using a regular teflon baking sheet. I baked it on the middle rack each time, so i'll move it to the lowest rack the next time. But it still doesn't make any sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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  1. Maybe too much toppings or sauce? Usually, the culprit for me is too much cheese because I always think more cheese is better. So when I put enough cheese, where the sauce is peeking out, I got a yummy crispy pizza.

    1. I've never had that problem with the Pillsbury. Are you using 'wet' ingredients, like spinach or tomatoes?

      Maybe you could pre-bake and then flip it over? I've never done that, but I just read that tip on another thread, and thought I'd give that a try next time. Also, I always brush the dough, both sides, with a little bit of olive oil before the first bake.

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        I know! This doesn't make any sense! i was thinking about flipping it over too. There are no wet ingredients, and I'm not using a lot of sauce or cheese. And the first time i even oiled the pan. I didn't oil it the second time because i thought that was the problem. Maybe i'll just flour both sides and poke holes in the dough?

        1. re: Johnny California

          If you flour the dough, and it still gets soggy, but then wouldn't it be not only soggy, but gluey? I would try the flip.

          And you might want to ask the mods to move this to the home cooking board, as you would likely get more responses from some damn good cooks (just hit 'report' on your initial post, click the appropriate tab, and ask them to move it HC).

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            Thanks for the help and the suggestion of moving my post. I haven't used chowhound in ages so i'm not certain what the heck i'm doing. much like my cooking! thanks again.