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Uses for Anchovy Paste (Other than Caesar Dressing)?

So I have a tube of anchovy paste that I needed for a marinade and now I have quite a bit left. I've already added it to a tuna puttanesca that I made the other night for dinner but I'm looking for other ideas (besides caesar dressing). Thanks!

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  1. Pasta sauces

    Sauces and gravies for roasts, etc.


    Beef stew

    Crab cakes

    Meatloaf or meatballs

    1. add it to tapenades or other spreads. For example: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

      1. Saute sliced shallots with garlic. Add in a hefty pinch of crushed red pepper, a dab of anchovy pasted, and a good squeeze of llemon. Wilt in some greens of your choice, then season with salt and pepper if necessary. Great side dish, or with a poached egg on top as a light meal.

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          I second this preparation method! Also, this would be good as a spread on some country bread.

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            Yes I did this with blanched broccolini. It's amazing. But no shallots and added capers

          2. Pasta sauces, Pizza topping, combine with avocado and/or sour cream as a spread or dip.

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              Would a bit be good added to guac in place of salt?

            2. Saute about four cloves of minced garlic with a good pinch of red pepper flakes and enough paste to be equivalent to about four to six fillets. When the garlic starts to brown, stir several cups of chopped tomatoes (canned is fine - cook until it's a good saucy texture), or a big bunch of chopped damp greens (cook until wilted; broccoli rabe is my favorite here), or a head of cauliflower that's been steamed/boiled, then broken up into small florets (cook, mashing it a bit, just until heated through and all the flavors are well blended.) Other vegetables should work also. Pour over cooked pasta, using a bit of pasta water to loosen everything up. Season with salt and pepper.

              1. pizza

                green goddess dressing

                put a glop on a freshly grilled steak when serving instead of salt

                1. Ok, sounds hideous: but a dab in mashed potatoes gives them a sort of salty richness that all those gobs of butter can't.

                  1. Bagna Cauda - warm dip for vegetables with olive oil, garlic, anchovy

                    1. If you use Worcestershire sauce but would rather not have the sweetness or tamarind flavor, use some anchovy paste instead. I always used Worcestershire (WHY could that "Gentleman in the Country" not have lived in Ayrshire??) when making a bechamel-based cheese sauce, but find I like the effect of anchovy paste better.

                      It's also wonderful with braised broccoli or broccolini. After an initial tossing of the veg in a bit of hot oil, I add about a tablespoon or better more oil with a good 2 tsp of anchovy paste whisked in, and toss the broccoli some more to spread it around, then add a little liquid if necessary and steam on low with the lid on for ten minutes or so.

                      1. ANYTHING that requires just a spark of umami. If your stew's flat-tasting, add a small dab; taste and do it again if you need to.\
                        you can also add it to vitello tonnato. yum. And you can mix a dab into your caponata, your soups; if you go easy, you won't taste anchovy; just nice rich flavor.
                        Oh, and let's never forget Green Goddess dressing.

                        1. put some olive oil in a pan, put some chopped garlic in and bunch of clams, after a good toss add white wine and ANCHOVY PASTE and put a cover on, after all the clams open up put in chopped parsley and chopped cherry tomato
                          (optional: chopped red chilli pepper or hot pepper flakes) toss pasta of your choice and you got some vongole

                          1. I often put a dab in when I do tuna or crab salad.

                            1. Schmear some on cream cheese on a bagel.

                              Season a Bloody Mary.

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                                You can enhance any protein based dish with a little anchovy paste.
                                I use it in everything.

                              2. Side question for you anchovy paste users: Once opened, how long before a tube of anchovy paste spoils?

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                                  I use a tube up in a couple of weeks. I keep it in the fridge of course. I have this sickening, to some, habit of blowing onto tube tops and jar tops before I put the lids on b/c decades ago some one claimed the carbon dioxide from my lungs would displace the surrounding oxygen hence slowing down spoilage. Yes it's BS but I do it occasionally anyway.

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                                    As I have graduated to using whole anchovies these days, I have a tube in the fridge that has to be about a year old. It's still fine.

                                  2. my father used to make a spread of anchovy paste and chives mixed in cream cheese and spread it on dark pumpernickel.it was very good and maybe even had some chopped anchovies in it

                                    1. You can use it on a roast lamb, it is quite delicious.

                                      1. Use it in salad dressings other than Casear. Gives a good umami boost.

                                        Last night I did use it with evoo and lemon juice to make dressing that I steeped diced tomoatoes in. Went over grilled Romane lettuce served with grilled lamb loin chops. Not exactly a classic Casear but close.

                                        1. Add some to a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, talk about making a PBJ pop!