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Jan 24, 2011 12:11 PM



First, thanks to all of you who have commented on my other listings for me Feb. trip!

I will be in Trani, Apulia, another place that seems to be a bit off the Chowhound well-trodden path. I tried to do my homework and didn't find much. I plan to see the Cathedral in the morning, and then spend a leisurely long lunch (“dinner” to us Southerners), especially with local cuisine. Give me you judgements on the following and then give me any other recommendations:

FRED PLOTKIN’S Italy for the Gourmet Traveler recommends:
Antica Osteria del Teatro, Via Statui Marittimi 60 0883/41210

MICHELIN ITALIA 2010 recommends:
Il Melograno, via Bovio 189

CHOWHOUNDS recommend
La Nicchia
Torrente Antico

Thanks beforehand.

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  1. Well, Gambero Rosso recommends CorteinFiore, very highly.
    also a lot of favorable online reviews linked on their Google place page.

    fwiw here is a page from a a local discussion/review forum in Puglia with reviews on trani restaurants google translate makes the reviews easily accessible.

    Our restaurant page includes other restaurants in Andria and other nearby towns.

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      Trani is a stunningly beautiful town and I hope you enjoy it. I had lunch at Corteinfiore in September and I can highly recommend it. Just one warning, the menu then was entirely seafood - exquisitely prepared - but no meat. Very interesting list of local wines,too.

    2. ps I searched for the address for Antica Osteria del Teatro - it looks like there might be a pizzeria at that address now.

      it seems like there is clearly some kind of eating establishment oer the google street view - there are tables out front

      1. Sid: Just wondering how you fared on your February trip. I am planning to visit the Trani area this spring and would love to have some ideas, especially for the day or arrival, a Sunday, which is always problematic.

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        1. re: erica

          It looks to me like Il Melograno is open on Sunday eve.
          Here are the places in Trani currently having a Restaurant page

          Osteria Corteinfiore
          Via Ognissanti, 18, Trani, Puglia 70059, IT

          La Nicchia
          CORSO IMBRIANI 22, Trani, Puglia 70059, IT

          Il Melograno
          Via Giovanni Bovio, 185,, Trani, Puglia 70059, IT

          Braceria Conte Cavour
          Corso Cavour,33, Trani, Puglia 70059, IT

          Torrente Antico
          Via Fusco 3, Trani, Puglia 70059, IT