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Homemade Pasta?

I have decided that I have a new standard in life- homemade pasta!

It is SO much better than the dried stuff, so why go to restaurants that serve dried pasta, especially when the dishes cost about the same!

I know there must be more restaurants out there that serve fresh pasta. Or are there any places where you can purchase this to make at home?

I live near Rockville, MD, but am often in VA and DC, so please respond with any good restaurants that make their own pasta. These places deserve a shot out anyway!

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  1. Vace (Cleveland Park and Bethesda). They sell many types to cook at home.

    3315 Connecticut Avenue NW, DC 20008

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      Homemade is Good. Handmade is even better. Dipasquales in Baltimore is amazing. Chiapparelli's has decent Fettucini. Everything else food-wise/service/wise @ Chiapparelli's is inconsistent, meh. Good Homemade Pasta @ Filomena in DC.

      It really is all about the texture aint it? Make sure you dine with someone who can tell the freakin' difference! (Long Story for me, LMAO)

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        Vace is good to know about, but just to be clear, it's just a deli, you can buy things to go or to take home, but you can't sit and eat there, and they don't sell ready-to-eat pasta - at least at the Cleveland Park location, I haven't been to the Bethesda location.

        UPDATE: Oops, I misread, nytdct is right.

        3315 Connecticut Avenue NW, DC 20008

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          OP also asked about places to buy pasta to make at home - Vace fits that part of the query perfectly - punpkin agnolotti is amazing!

          3315 Connecticut Avenue NW, DC 20008

      2. this makes me miss Locanda's pasta in DC, I believe it was handmade out of house, but daily fresh and local. you might search the names to see where they popped up after it closed.

        Brian Barszcz was the chef there, and IIRC they sourced their pasta from another restaurant in town, which I believe is still open. (I know - no help, but somebody may be able to fill in the gaps) I seem to remember Sietsema's review named the maker.

        1. What i would love is the homemade spaghetti like i used to be able to get as a kid at all the "sauce joints" where I grew up. It was thick; not quite as thick as a pencil, but close. soooooooooooooo good. Only one of the places still has this kind. It is so tasty, and i certainly have never seen it around this area.

          1. I know you can buy delicious fresh pasta at Eastern Market.

            In terms of restaurants that serve homemade pasta, I was just at Casa Nona and thought their homemade pasta was really, really delicious. I had a simple dish with "guitar spaghetti" with olive oil, garlic, red pepper flakes and roasted cauliflower and the whole dish was really elevated by the delicious homemade pasta.

            Bibianna also has delicious in-house made pasta.

            And of course there is Filomena for more red-sauce Italian pasta. The Pasta Mamas even make the pasta in the front window. I like their gnocchi.

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              and word in the neighborhood is if you call the folks at the Eastern Mkt at least a few days ahead and ask nicely you can request a specific type/flavor/filling.

            2. I am fairly certain that Pasta Plus in Laurel has freshly made pasta.

              Pasta Plus Restaurant
              209 Gorman Ave, Laurel, MD 20707

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                Yes they do and it is great! But it is not really close to my house.

                Any more restaurant recommendations?

                I may just give up and purchase a pasta maker myself....

              2. I completely forgot about Il Pizzico in Rockville

                Il Pizzico
                15209 Frederick Rd Ste 2, Rockville, MD 20850

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                  Yes, Il Pizzico, I forgot too. I haven't been in a while but I remember the Ravioli di Funghi al Pistacchio with much affection. Rich. Thanks for the reminder.

                2. Dino in Cleveland Park also makes pasta fresh, in-house.

                  1. if you want to buy it to make at home, Stephano at Copper Plate is wonderful - he sells at the Dupont and U St markets

                    1. Does anyone know if Italian Gourmet Market on Darnestown Road in Gaithersburg carries fresh pasta now and if it is good?

                      Italian Gourmet Market
                      12169 Darnestown Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

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                        Or The Italian Store in North Arlington (since the OP also mentioned being in Arlington)?

                        A. Litteri may not be convenient for OP's geography but anyone know what they may carry?

                      2. not a restaurant where you eat pasta but you should check out Cournacopia in bethesda. It is a small gourmet italian store and they have a variety of raviolis and other unusual pastas as well as great gourmet italian treats and charcuterie. great place

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                          They have frozen pastas, like lasagna and ravioli, that come from Superior Pasta in Philly's Italian Market.

                        2. Radius in Mt. Pleasant makes all of their own pasta. The spaghetti and meatballs are some of the best in the city and there is a rotating menu of a ravioli and other pasta dish. I think right now there is a papppardelle with homemade bacon and dates on the menu.

                          1. Amici Miei serves homemade pasta.

                            Amici Miei Ristorante
                            1093 Seven Locks Rd., Potomac, MD 20854

                            1. Surprised Tosca hasn't been mentioned. They offer several different pasta dishes, and can be ordered in half-sized portions.

                              Tallula in Arlington has a limited number of pastas on their menu, but they're all made in house, and each one I've tried has been excellent.