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Jan 24, 2011 11:50 AM

Bari recommendations wanted

Dear fellow Chowhounds:

Bari seems to be fairly far off Chowhounds’ desired destinations. I did my homework, yet found few listings for Bari in the past year. I’ll be there for a day and a half next month.

My train arrives in Bari at 13:02. After checking into my hotel, I’ll need a place still open for lunch (“dinner” to Southerners). I’ll be visiting the Basilica of St. Nicholas. Are there recommendable places in the Citta Vecchia? Is it safe to linger in the Citta Veccia?

Otherwise, I’m looking for regional cooking, and on Friday seafood. So tell me your judgement about these recommendations:

MICHELIN ITALIA 2010 recommends:
-- La Pignata, corso Vittorio Emanuele 173
-- * Bacco, coros Vittorio Emanuele II, 126
-- Ai 2 Ghiottoni, via Putignani 11
-- Al Soros Preferito, via Vito Nicola de Nicolo
-- Osteria dell Travi “Il Buco, largo Chyrlia 12

FRED PLOTKIN, Italy for the Gourmet Traveler, recommends:
-- Lo Sprofondo, corso Vittrio Emanuele 111
-- Al Focolare da Emilio, Via Principe

-- Le Vecchio Mura
--Di Cosimo, Via Modugno Giovanni 31, Bari

OR tell me of another recommendable place.
Thanks again!!

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  1. Follow this link to a list of restaurants I put up on the Restaurants page a couple of months ago based on recommendations from multiple sources. If you click on a name, information on the restaurant and links to further info will appear.

    Note that not all the googlemaps links work (but some of them do


    I envy you this extensive trip since it looks like I will only get to Gardone Riviera with a couple of days in Milan this year. Do go down into the Milan cathedral scavi (if you have not previously done so) to see where Ambrose baptised Augustine. Just think about it.

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      when you'll be in Gardone Riviera pay a visit to OSTERIA DI MEZZO in Salò.

    2. You can definitely walk around the old city, but it's very quiet. As in not a soul around. It's also like a big maze. The people are very nice and will definitely help you out. The city is very built up around the old city but it's very modern- full of shops and restaurants and people. :)

      Make sure you have foccaccia at a reputable place as well as Altamura bread and mozzarella knots which are both impossible to not keep eating.

      I have not eaten at any of the restaurants listed but I did eat at a place on the Lungomare (a beautiful walk..) and if I remember the name I will post it for you. :(

      It's a great city to visit. Have a great time.

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        I remembered. It's hostaria al Gambero. Delicious.

      2. I love Di Cosimo, definitely make time for it. They serve panzerotti, pizza dough stuffed with mozzarella and tomato sauce and deep fried. Be prepared to queue or grab a table in the back for table service.

        Here are some other recs:

        Panifico Fiore: Bread is baked in the back and served up front and, while good in its own right, most customers come for the focaccia. The dough is topped with tomatoes and olives (watch for the pits!) and baked in pans dosed with liberal amounts of olive oil. The result is a flatbread with a crispy bottom, a spongy interior, and sweet and salty top. Strada Palazzo di Citta’ 38.

        Take Five: A cocktail and wine bar in Piazza Mercantile in Bari serves huge salads, as well as, sanwiches, piadini, and other snacks; they have a gluten free menu as well. Piazza Mercantile 66.

        My favorite place for a fish meal is down the coast a bit in Polignano a Mare. It is called Da Tuccino and serves great crudi and excellent pastas and whole fish. Contrada Santa Caterina 69, Polignano a Mare.

        You can also get raw crustaceans (mussels and sea urchins) to eat along the lungomare, just southeast of bari vecchia. The fishmongers can open the shells for you. enjoy!

        1. This report on Bari is a big help. I'm glad that the old city isn't dangerous. I'll report on my experience. Thanks!

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