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Jan 24, 2011 10:52 AM

St. Thomas - Charlotte Amalie only

Taking a little trip to St. Thomas in February. The only time I was in St. Thomas was 2004 and I stayed at the Holiday Inn (now Windward Passage) in Charlotte Amalie. This time we're staying at Bluebeard's. I've ate at Bluebeard's before - nothing too exciting so I expect to eat mostly in Charlotte Amalie and could use some suggestions from recent travelers or residents. I like local food but am not interestedin eating conch. I remember Gladys' being pretty good, not sure if I ate at Cuzzin's. Oxtail, salted fish, etc. are fine. I remember eating at Herve. High end is also fine. I won't have a car and don't really want to schlep all over the island. Thanks! Oh, I don't eat breakfast and can't eat eggs - so just lunch and dinner joints.

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  1. I think you've touched on the good places in C.A. If you're up for a short cab ride, go over to Secret Harbor and eat lunch at Blue Moon. Or maybe drive up to Pineapple Beach (Point Pleasant Resort) and eat at Fungi's.

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      Do you have any thoughts on the restaurants at Bluebeard's? Room with a View and Banana Tree Grille, IIRC.

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        Haven't eaten at any of these places. Most of my recent visits to ST have been day visits on cruises. But TA folks seem to like RWAV and Banana Tree. You might check there for info Bluebeards Castle is an older resort, IIRC.

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          Just got back from St. Thomas last month (wouldn't mind being there now instead of here in snowy NJ). We always go to both RWAV & the Banana Tree during our visits. Good Italian food at Room with a View & very good seafood & steaks at Banana Tree. Unfortunately, they stopped making my favorite, the Tempura Lobster tail. Just as an FYI, RWAV is closed on Sundays & Banana Tree is closed on Mondays.

      2. We travel through STT once or twice a year.

        We had a very, very good lunch at Gladys' in June. I know several people that live on STT and Gladys' is in their regular restaurant routine. I continue to hear good things about Herve.

        We had an awful meal at the Greenhouse (June) Service and food was just poor and the price was insanely high.