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Cheapest 30packs of beer in Boston area?

Any suggestions? I usually buy Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Light, or PBR. At my local Shaws/Star Market the Bud/Coors/Millers are 21.99-22.99 per 30pk cans, pbr is usually 16.99-17.99 for the same. I haven't seen it cheaper anywhere else, but I also don't know where to look.

Has anyone seen these for significantly cheaper anywhere?


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  1. hurleys on comm ave usually has rock bottom prices. at least they used to.

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      Hurley's is such an appropriate name for a place with rock bottom beer prices.

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        Stopped by there tonight, PBR 30pack was $19.49- No dice.

        1. Costco or BJ's? I have been programmed over the years to not notice those brands, so I'm not sure of the prices they have on macrolager - but they usually have good deals on beer.

          1. Sav Mor Spirits usually has great prices.

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              Sav Mor has Bud/Coors/Miller for $22/30pk, PBR at $18/30pk, which is more the Blanchards across the board: http://www.savmorspirits.com/componen...

              Foodmaster is the same as Blanchards when its on sale (eg, $20/30pk of Coors or Miller): http://www.foodmasterinc.com/FM_Pg3_J...

            2. At $20 for 30 cans you can probably get one of Trader Joe's store brand beers (forget what it's called). They've been selling them for really cheap and it tastes a lot better than those beers you mentioned.

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                I think TJ's stuff is at least $5/6pk, if I recall. Do they sell 30pk-ish quantities? If they don't, there's no way you'll beat the pricing on Bud/Miller/Coors, let alone PBR.

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                  I am fairly sure they were selling their new store brand canned beer for $4/6 a month ago or so. Maybe it was a promotion since the product was new. Not PBR/hilife cheap but competitive with "premium" crap beer.

              2. Try NH: no added sales tax, no deposit. So if you are thinking of buying in quantity, it might be worth a trip across the border.

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                  As of January 1 there is no longer sales tax on alcohol in Mass. It was voted out. Power to the people!

                  Kappys is usually very competitive on everything.

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                    Market Basket in NH is advertising PBR at $15/30pk (on sale from $18), so you'd have to buy a LOT of beer to make the trip worth it.

                  2. If you're near Inman Sq., consider stopping by the liquor store on Cambridge St. with the yellow sign a block past Prospect Liquors in the Lechmere direction. Haven't been recently enough to list prices but it at least used to be cheap as hell.

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                      Genesee can be found for ~$14/30....

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                          Allston Liquors (corner of North Harvard and Cambridge) for one.

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                        You are talking about Martin Brother's which used to be cash only, but now accepts cards. They also have the largest selection of Portuguese box and 5L "garraf√£o" wines (660 has a slightly wider selection of 750ml wines and liquers). In the past SavMor was cheaper on Portuguese beer, although they increased their prices so on that it should be the same, not certain about Bud/Coors/PBR but wouldn't expect them to be cheaper than college oriented outlets (Blanchard's, Hillside, Hurley's etc -- not always cheapest on everything, but have something inexpensive) although they do move a lot of PBR, some genesee and have 'gansett. Would be pretty easy to call and ask! I think its Hurley's sign which says "Champagne starting at $7.99" (presumably the Cooks CAlifornia Champagne variety) and I enjoy that sign (along with the SavMor signs making fun about the chaos of the store there).

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                          My favorite SavMor sign goes up every November:

                          "Holidays mean Family.
                          We sell liquor."

                      2. Fannons in Natick has Keystone light for $13.99 for a 30 pack

                        1. Kappys on Rt 1 on the Revere/Saugus/Malden line usually has 36 packs of Bud/Bud Lite for $22.95.