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Jan 24, 2011 10:06 AM

Date Night restaurants in Charlotte

I love Soul, but I think someplace new might be nice. Recommendations?

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  1. Location preference? Cuisine? Price?

    Lulu, Greek Isles, Fran's, Zebra, Coco Osteria, Dish, Nolen Kitchen, Pewter Rose, Big Ben, Harvest Moon Grille, The Kings Kitchen, Copper, Meskerem...

    Greek Isles
    200 E Bland St Ste B, Charlotte, NC 28203

    Coco Osteria
    214 N Tryon St Ste 2, Charlotte, NC 28202

    Meskerem Restaurant
    601 S Kings Dr Ste P, Charlotte, NC 28204

    1. Fig Tree, although I haven't been there in a while. But it's a nice, intimate atmosphere and the food was always bangin'.

      Carpe Diem, for the same reasons above.

      Barringtons - small, intimate and French-inspired. They usually have foie gras - which is all that is needed to get my attention. ;-)

      Bistro La Bon - just a block up from Soul Gastrolounge and, although I've not been yet, I've heard they do everything well and the menu looks tempting.

      Halcyon, the restaurant at the new Mint Museum downtown has an amazing view and of course Marc Jacksina is doing the food so it's creative, local and damned good.

      The Fig Tree Restaurant
      1601 East 7th Street, Charlotte, NC 28204

      1. We went to Kalu this weekend...the food was good, service good, and the space is gorgeous. I think they suffer a bit due to location, but definitely a good experience.

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          I think they suffer a bit because of the prices.

          1. re: billyjack

            IMHO the prices are very in line for the quality they are serving. This is a fine dining restaurant.