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Jan 24, 2011 08:42 AM

Where to eat near Patriot Center - directionally challenged

I am hoping to score to Greatful Dead (or what's left of them) tickets for my sweetie for his birthday. Is there someplace to eat nearby that is not fast food, and does not involve complicated directions? Certainly does not need to be fancy, but good food and desserts (for singing over) is a must.

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  1. For high end Italian, I love Villa Mozart in Fairfax City on 123. If you are coming from 66 (exit onto 123 towards Fairfax) you can't miss it or if you are coming down Braddock it's just one turn onto 123. they do a three course $39 prix fixe during the week. My parents have been eating here since it opened, and they have never had a bad meal, or bad service. My mom loves their gnocchi. She says that they are light and fluffy. Last time I was there I had the Chestnut pappardelle with wild boar ragout, lingonberry marmelade (my dad had the papardelle with venison sausage) and in both dishes the papardelle had a nice firmness to it. Their desserts are also awesome.

    1. Sweetwater Tavern in Centerville. (14250 Sweetwater Ln Centreville, VA 20121) http://www.greatamericanrestaurants.c...

      It is not a foodie destination restaurant by any stretch but it has good food and desserts. I like it.

      According to Google maps it is 18 minutes away, but you are on a single road (Braddock Rd which becomes New Braddock Rd.) with no turns for almost the entire time, so the directions are simple.

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        A better GAR restaurant closer to GMU would be Artie's in Fairfax. For Indian, down 123 in downtown Fairfax there's Bollywood Bistro. A little further down is Bombay Bistro and Minerva (near 29).

        Bombay Bistro
        98 W Montgomery Ave, Rockville, MD 20850

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          We know Arties' it is across from Hubby's old office. Thanks for the suggestion.

      2. One of our favorite places is "Auld Shebeen" an Irish pub and restaurant. It is located on 123 in old town Fairfax. 5 minutes from GMU.