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Jan 24, 2011 08:11 AM

10 best ingredients in my kitchen

There is always some products that you use every time you cook in your kitchen. Some gadgets that you cannot live without, some essential things that you absolutely adore.
Here are the best 10 ingredients, products that i use all the time and almost everyday. Without them, i would be nothing in a kitchen.

1. Sea salt. This is the only salt that i use for cooking. Coarse and fine, both
2. Dijon mustard. As a marinade or to do an easy vinaigrette.
3. Herbes de Provence. A french dried mix of herbs that is amazingly fragrant and versatile.
4. Extra virgin olive oil. That is the only oil that i use all the time.
5. Heavy cream. For finishing the soups, the sauces, the pastas, the salads.
6. Cheeses. All kinds. I use the leftover scraps of cheeses in soups, on a pizza. I never throw away cheese.
7. Olives. Because it is always a great appetizer. Not the ones in the can.
8. Parmesan cheese. As a garnish on salads, pastas, soups, as well as in cubes for an easy tapas.
9. Ice cream. It is always an indispensable to make a last minute dessert.
10. Butter. Do i have to say more ...

That would be an interesting discussion to have ; describing your 10 essentials in your kitchen ...

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  1. I agree with many of your posts!!! Maybe it is my midwest sensibility but onions are on my list!!!

    1. Butter
    2. Cream
    3. Buttermilk
    4. Garlic
    5. onions
    6. rice for risotto
    7. Bacon
    8. Parm
    9. Cheddar
    10. olive oil

    It's kind of fun to think about this list!!

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    1. re: foodloverlori

      1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
      2. Kosher Salt
      3. Fresh Ground Black Pepper
      4. Garlic
      5. Onions
      6. Fresh Herbs from my patio
      7. Chicken Stock
      8. Brown Rice
      9. Whole Grain Pasta
      10. Parmigiano Peggiano

      I thought it would be a challenge but...10 isn't enough!


      1. re: foodloverlori

        mmm. I also always have onions, garlic, bacon and Arborio rice on hand. but this was a "Top 10" list. ;) oh, and anchovies.

      2. Sea salt
        Basmati Rice
        All purpose flour

        1. only 10?
          extra virgin olive oil
          rice ( brown, white, arborio)
          sea salt
          Parmesan cheese
          better than boullion chicken

          I could add lots more that I consider "staples" when I cook.....

          1. 1. sea salt
            2. black peppercorns
            3. extra virgin olive oil
            4. lemons
            5. garlic (cloves and scapes)
            6. butter
            7. heavy cream
            8. Parm
            9. shallots
            10. fresh herbs from my raised beds
            11. so sorry but I must add bacon!!

            It's difficult not to add ten more...

            1. 1. olive oil
              2. flour
              3. peperoncino
              4. lemons
              5. anchovies
              6. canned tomatoes from the garden
              7. sugar
              8. cheeses always on stock - ricotta, pecorino, caciocavallo
              9. salt
              10. garlic