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Jan 24, 2011 07:58 AM

Customer or Owner knows best-- Speaking up against the man!!

There is a gastropub I frequent call it bar x, that has a really awesome menu. They have a local chef that has made a decent name for himself.... Perfect for being only 5 mi away from me.

However, thier meats ( lamb, steaks(of anykind), etc.. ) are always served on the rare side. When ordering, I asked if they would please cook my lamb, for another 10sec or so. I explained, that it was just my preference... The result ended up as if I insulted the mother and grandmother of thier chef and cooks. It lead to the owner asking me if I would just want another item off the menu. WAS I WRONG , to ask esentially a bar (not high end rest) to cook my meal the way i want it???

I will accept it if I was incorrect, and have had some insight on possibly why... I just want some chowers thoughs

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  1. The owner is an pompous buffoon....It's one thing to have that position if someone wants it cooked Well-Done....but asking for a slight cook-up from Rare to Medium tempertures is reasonable for meats....Seafoods, I would understand his policy though.

    1. You said "gastropub" not just "pub" so that leads me to believe the chef/owner considers their restaurant to be one that serves high quality/innovative food. For some, that means serving dishes the way they think they should be served. If this is a place you like to go to and you think the food is good, then maybe you could have another conversation with the owner--not at the moment you are ordering--and see if you can come to an understanding. If not, I'd just go elsewhere.

      1. Mrs CHM requires her steak to be extra super well done. If they can't accomidate in a friendly manner, we'll find someplace else to eat.

        She askes nicely and usually apologizes when she orders it well done. I don't see a reason to apologize, it's her steak, if she wants it insinerated it's up to her.

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          I order my steaks and burgers extra well to cremated and always ask in a very nice way. Never been told I couldn't have it that way but of course it doesn't always come well done enough.

          1. re: smartie

            How about the restaurants that won't cook it med. rare because it might kill you!! I even offered to sign a paper that I wouldn't sue!! Just won't go back again!

            1. re: Mother of four

              In some areas that is a legal requirement, not a whim of the chef...

              1. re: meatn3

                Have you seen this for meats other than ground meat? I have never seen for a steak. If so where? TIA

                1. re: jfood

                  I have only seen it for ground beef. Unfortunately, I live in one of those strange states - so a medium rare burger is something that must be searched out!

                  Slightly off topic but, I recently heard a restaurant owner relay that his head cook said that only pasteurized eggs could be legally served runny in NC. I can't believe that every other breakfast place is going to the expense of this. I've tried to muddle through the online gov't regs and can't find anything. I hope his cook is mistaken!

            2. re: smartie

              I think most restaurants don't mind the well-done eaters, as it allows them to use up the subpar cuts of beef they have leftover.

              1. re: invinotheresverde

                Of course then you get the jackwagons who will order it normal and then send it back saying it was underdone as a way to avoid this

          2. You have every right to ask them to cook it to another temp and they have every right to refuse. You then have the right to choose another place to eat. A restaurant is a private dining establishment and they set the rules. If this means losing customers and eventually closing, so be it. It's their call.

            1. I used to live in Providence and there was a famous restaurant there that would only cook things the way they felt they should be done. This was annoying to some. But it also gave them a reputation for perfection and people didn't end up complaining about food that they had orchestrated and then not liked. (LIke those folks on epicurious who change the recipe and then complain that it wasn't very good!) Double edged sword. The restaurant thrives.

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                and people didn't end up complaining about food that they had orchestrated and then not liked. (LIke those folks on epicurious who change the recipe and then complain that it wasn't very good!) Double edged sword. The restaurant thrives.

                One of my first thoughts. Some ppl who love to think that they are 100% correct, like to order something THEIR way, and then complain because they don't like it. When someone orders an expensive cut of meat well done in a restaurant, it's kind of a red flag. It's very true that the person who orders that just really knows what they want, and that's fine. But I'm just telling you, when someone orders a nice cut of meat well done, the chefs will raise an eyebrow.

                Augie6, you were not out of line, but the chef was probably just thinking how chefs do. You'd be VERY surprised at how many ppl take the whole "The customer is always right" thing to the extreme, and believe that a chef is a slave to whatever they want, even tho they order it how they say they'd like it, receive it the way they wanted it, but now think it should be replaced with something else. You'd be very surprised indeed.