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Jan 24, 2011 07:24 AM

New York Times on Philly Food

It is a rare occasion that the New York Times turns its attention to food in other cities along the Eastern Seaboard.

Surprise then to see a write up of Philly restaurants:

Reasonably well done piece I think. Skate wing at Fish is particularly deserving of high praise.

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  1. The coverage of the restaurants, including Supper, fish, Barbuzzo, and JG Domestic is nice... the tired discussion of the only Philadelphia foods being the cheesesteaks and Tastykakes was annoying.

    To be fair also they missed the fact that Philadelphia has been out front in the gastropub phenomena, (though to be fair it really was started in London in the early 90's...)

    1. And the way the article is written, you would think that Stephen Starr started out in New York and then branched out to Philly instead of the other way around.

      Plus, don't they know that the proper spelling is "cheesesteak"???

      But leave it to New York to act like they discovered something that no one else knew about (and at least 5 years after the fact!)

      1. The NYT travel peeps have had had something of a Philly fetish over the past few years.

        See the 36 Hours piece, and the reviews of the Palomar and Bibou. They even did a piece about East Passyunk last summer. I think their editorial guidelines require every article to mention something about the city being more than just "cheese steaks." And good luck getting them to admit that the Spotted Pig did not invent the gastropub concept.

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          I agree with barryg - Philly gets a surprising lot of coverage in the Times' travel pages.

          At least they've stopped referring to the city as the sixth borough.