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Jan 24, 2011 07:20 AM

Chocolate babies gone? Say it ain't so!!

I am so bummed--just read online that the manufacturer of Chocolate Babies has stopped making them. They are one of my all-time favorite candies. Anyone know where the last few babies can be found? I am so sad!!!

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  1. Cakegirl, bummer. I pulled up nearly a dozen online vendors; all sold out.
    Time to buy a chocolate mold and make your own.

    1. Best bets would be either Amazon or eBay.

      For brick and mortar, I would check your local 99 Cents Only and Big Lots stores.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        def. gone from Amazon grocery.
        Good luck Cakegirl!

      2. So sorry for your loss Cakegirl! But I have to tell you that you made my morning if only to remind me that Chocolate Babies ever existed! I definitely remember these and remember eating them even though I didn't particularly like them. There was just something so awesome and lovingly weird about eating chocolate in the shape of a baby! I just looked them up again too to see if I had the right image in my head and yup... there they were! It's the end of an era... I do hope that you'll stumble upon a stash somewhere. Good luck!

        1. Try looking online at Yummies. It is a candy store in Kittery Maine that stocks many hard to find candies.

          1. That is an end of an era! I was nostalgic for chocolate babies a few years ago, and bought a pound of them from a mail order place called Yankee Trading Co. I don't find that company online, though. Got some candy cigarettes, too.
            A pound of chocolate babies lasts a long long time. I kept them in the fridge and had one or two now and then.
            The closest thing I've ever had to that taste and texture is Tootsie Rolls. But babies are more fun to eat. ;-)