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Jan 24, 2011 07:06 AM

Isla Verde-Need Recs. within walking of Water and Beach Club, Tartak St.

Staying at the above in early March. Need good, ethnic recs. within walking. Adventurous eaters, but wouldn't mind a good burger either.

Thank you.

Also, for one fancy meal in Old San Juan, what's worthy these days?

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  1. Search is your friend (a long thread with lots of links and hounds' recent experiences):

    We stayed in Isla Verde but ate mostly in OSJ or Condado. Mi Casita and Metropol are in Isla Verde. I prefer Metropol. I heard mixed things about The Latin Roots which now has a location in Isla Verde.

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      Concur on Mi Casita and Metropole. Also Casa Dante in Carolina/Isla