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Business lunch near Flemington

  • gaffk Jan 24, 2011 06:12 AM
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Hi All-

My group in work is split between Springfield, NJ and Lansdale, PA. We are looking to get together for lunch and figure Flemington is right around the 1/2 way point between our two sites. It's a small group (6), that includes two vegetarians. We're looking for something casual (but not your corner pizza shop) and not too pricey.


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  1. There are several good lunch options in Flemington. 55 Main is very good for a business lunch. They have a nice menu and reasonable prices for lunch. Service is quick and attentive. The Market Roost has a lot of vegetarian options and is casual. One note, there is no waitress service and wait times for your food can be long. Their food is very good, though. Shaker Cafe has good food. I believe they may be cash only, though, so be prepared for that. They also tend to get crowded at lunch and I don't know that they take reservations. Teaberrys is great for lunch but you definitely need reservations and I'm not 100% sure what their vegetarian options are. It's definitely worth looking into, though. All four of these places are all on Main Street and are all walking distance from one another. Good luck!

    55 Main
    55 Main Street, Flemington, NJ 08822

    1. Madgreek99 has pretty well covered it all. If this is to be a working lunch I'd go to 55 Main. And I agree about Teaberry's - you will have to make a reservation because it's very popular (and very good).

      1. Thanks guys! 55 Main looks good (no vegetarian options, but they say they can accomodate).

        55 Main
        55 Main Street, Flemington, NJ 08822