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Jan 23, 2011 08:37 PM

Will travel for oxtail ramen

Does anyone know of a ramen joint that serves oxtail ramen in the bay area?? I've been jonesin for a bowl of oxtail ramen from ramen nakamura but I can't afford to travel to Honolulu to get it! However I am willing to drive around the bay area to get some! I'm open to all suggestions.

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  1. KK reported Ryowa, Mtn View has it dinner only:

    859 Villa St, Mountain View, CA 94041

    1. Hungrily salivating upon reading your post, I decided to make your dish for breakfast:

      I like the longer cut of the oxtail at New Sang Chong Market in Oakland Chinatown, at $3.99 / lb. I boiled it for 3 hours, along with mixed beef from El Rancho Market on Foothill Blvd and Fruitvale Ave, and beef back rib and beef chuck neck-bone from Lucky Supermarket. The ramen is instant. This was surprisingly easy to prepare, and, paired with sriracha, falling-off-the-bone delicious. The broth will make your eyes roll into the back of your head.

      1. Went to try the Oxtail Ramen that they only serve M-F for Dinner after 5pm & All Day Weekends. It's $11 and I don't think it's all that good.

        Waited a while to get my dish, it seems to take a lot longer than the other ramen. B. got Miso ramen & he got his fast.

        Oxtail ramen comes with bean sprouts, but if you don't like them ask for a substitute. She let me have spinach which I like. They boiled it & put it on the side. Ramen noodles were thin & tasted ok, oxtail just 3 pieces w/ bone. One piece was really fatty - ate it anyways. Comes with a small amount of minced ginger & sweet soy sauce like dressing on the side.

        I'll pass on the oxtail next time, my favorite is the Butter Corn!

        Takara now has sparkling cocktail drink in glass bottles 3 flavors: Can Chu-Hi in Yuzu, Grapefruit, Lemon - anyone try one?

        Charge it.

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          I tried the Oxtail Ramen at Rwoya a month ago, and unlike you I enjoyed it very much. However my dining companion wasn't so fond of it, but she was expecting a more heavily-flavored Asian rendition, whereas the broth was quite light -- very much like homey oxtail soup. The meat was tender, and I liked how they served the ginger and sweet soy on the side.

          I'm a huge oxtail fan and liked the simple, clean rendition at Rwoya but since others weren't so fond of it, it seems your mileage my vary according to what you like and are in the mood for.

          1. Zima was only marginally popular in Japan. It was essentially a "beer" for people who don't like beer.

            1. re: Tripeler

              You may be right, but this suggests otherwise:
              It's still available in Japan. My point is that the Takara malt beverages taste similar, and are not worth a repeat drink.

              1. re: oniontears

                The Zima story is only about the gimmick lips given away with the bottles. Still, I never saw that Zima was really that popular. Of course, it didn't taste very good anyway.

                Yeah, I can believe the Takara beverages are not worth having again. Very little of what they make is any good, though at home I sometimes have their Shiikuasa Sour, a sort of highball made with Okinawan citrus.