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Crab Cakes near Interstate 95?

Could anyone suggest where to get good crab cakes, for lunch, nearby to Interstate 95? Will be passing through on the way to Georgia to visit our son. Thanks

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  1. gunnings seafood house on route 100 near BWI airport

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      Though it is a few more miles, go to Jerry's Seafood in Bowie. The location is much larger than the original in Lanham, meaning plenty of space to wait inside and plenty of parking. Open 11:30 a.m. - 10 p.m. Mon-Sat, Sunday noon-8. Food is every bit as great.

    2. Jerry's Seafood in Lanham, MD males a firecracker crab bomb that is outrageous. Also very expensive, despite the diner ambience. They also have a crabcake version, which is still pricey but a Maryland original. Be careful about unusual hours of operation! Best to call first.


      Jerry's Seafood
      9364 Lanham Severn Rd, Lanham, MD 20706

      1. Faidley's in Lexington Market. It's a slight detour into the city but completely worth it. The only hitch is they tend to run out later in the day.

        Lexington Market
        400 W Lexington St, Baltimore, MD 21201

        1. This past weekend I had a very good crabcake at Pappas Restaurant in northeast Baltimore. Would not be too far out of your way and worth the few minutes travel time. Very reasonable -- $15.99 for one crabcake and two sides, $24.99 for two, or $33.99 for three (and you get your picture on the wall of fame).

          These are seven-ounce crabcakes, nice big lumps of meat, virtually no filler -- just barely enough binder to keep them from falling apart. Very popular with Baltimoreans.

          1. about 1 1/2 miles from 95, north of baltimore is box hill pizzeria in abingdon, md. very good crabcakes in a no-frills strip mall location.

            1. Take a detour through DC and hit Sullivan's Seafood. Carryout only, but they have a half-pound crabcake that's just obscene.



              1. I'd hit Captain Larry's in Locust Point, just off 95 on the Key Highway exit. I'm pretty sure it's taken over my favorite Baltimore Crabcake. Cash only.

                Captain Larry's
                601 E Fort Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230

                1. This may sound a bit weird...however just off I-95 (less then a mile) and just before the tunnels (Ft Mchenry and Baltimore Harbor) there is a Greek neighborhood and a place named IKAROS has terrific crabcakes (as well as crab soup). Not sure about lunch however, but worth a stop!!

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                    I agree that Ikaros makes a decent crab cake.

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                      Third Ikaros. They make a really tasty crabcake.

                  2. I can't believe that no one mentioned G&M (http://www.gandmrestaurant.com/) near BWI. This place is unbelievable and they just re-did the inside.

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                      G&M isn't mentioned here much because it's horrible.

                    2. Just as a reminder, Toby said he was on his way to Georgia, not New York. Anyone know of a good crab cake SOUTH of Alexandria? Isn't there a seafood place in Occoquan near the bridge that some folks like? Maybe they have decent crab cakes.

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                        I think the OP is coming from New York, so the Md. suggestions all work.

                        Bowie is a little far from I-95, and so is NE Baltimore, but both should be reasonable at lunch. The other places are all close to 95.

                        Me, I'd stop at Ikaros - good excuse to avoid the harbor tunnel toll.

                        What's the place in Occoquan? If it's any good, I'd like to check it out next time I'm stuck in traffic there.

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                          You might be right. I looked at his profile and see a number of posts about things New York. Would have been nice if he had said what portion of I95 he expected to be on when he's hungry. It's a long way from Long Island to Georgia.