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Jan 23, 2011 05:49 PM

Kennett Square/Flickerwood Wine Tasting Room

Headed to Kennett Square for a wine tasting at Flickerwood's tasting room on Saturday, courtesy of a great Groupon.

1) Anyone ever been to this tasting room? Would love to hear comments.
2) I'm not familiar with the area, but are there any suggestions for a nice BYO around there? Something simple, nothing too ethnic.


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  1. Never heard of the place. Gilmore's in West Chester or Katherines inUnionville are very good byos

    1. if you want to take out some amazing food,. go to Tallulah's table in Kennett Square. I second Gilmore's in West Chester. The chef is a former Le Bec Fin employee. Great food. I remember last year that Gilmore was applying for a liquor license. Not sure if he got one or not.

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        I was at Gilmore's a couple Sundays ago for their Lobster Special dinner. It was wonderful by the way. They are only open on Sundays for special dinners about once a month. No indication of their applying for a liquor license and I really hope they don't. I saw the posting about Tallulah's - a place I'd love to go to - but making reservations a year in advance is a bit much.

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          Gilmores is opened daily mon thru sat and occasionally open on Sundays for special dinners

      2. Although I've never been to Flickerwood, I've seen huge crowds in there, especially on First Fridays. I've been intrigued and do plan on stopping in one of these evenings. If Italian food isn't "too ethnic," there's Portabello's, just across the street from Flickerwood. It's BYO, no corkage fee. Also, Sovana Bistro, which has really wonderful food, is just a couple of miles north of there, and permits BYO for an $8 corkage fee. If you're interested in Sovana Bistro, I'd recommend making reservations for Saturday right now.

        1. Never been to Flickerwood and don't know anyone who has. However, seems to me I recall that in some of their ads they bill themselves as a "byof" (bring your own food) so you might want to give them a call before going to make sure they even have a menu.

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            I remember reading that, too. Of course, with Talula's Table just a few doors away, that's an easily-solved dilemma.

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              Absolutely! To me, tasting wine accompanied only with white bread cubes or somesuch to "clear" the palate is sort of like reading every other page in a book. Got to have some idea of how it (the wine) pairs with the kind of food you like. I'd bring a handfull of small items from Talulas' and plan on slurping a bottle or two (or more if you're with a gang).

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                Talula's Table is also the perfect place to get a made-to-order cheese plate that will come with all the right accompaniments (baguette slices, fruit compote, nuts, dried fruit, etc.) That would be a good choice for a wine tasting/pairing. In fact, my husband and I did just the opposite last Sunday -- we brought a bottle of wine to Talula's and asked for a cheese plate to pair with it. It made for a perfect Sunday lunch.

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                  Thanks so much for the recommendations! We're going to try Talula's on Sunday, barring any more prohibitive snow!

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                    Had a great little tasting (using our Groupon) 2 tastings plus a bottle for $15. We each enjoyed an additional glass and walked away with the clear star (IMHO) the Chardonnay Gold (unoaked).

                    We ate at Half Moon for dinner, upstairs in the glass atrium. Very charming set up, great menu, with lots of wild game available and great beer selections. Even in the glass room, it was comfortable with heaters blazing. I went with a buffalo burger with cheddar and caramelized onions. A bit steep at $15, but not totally unreasonable. Jules got the grilled tofu plate with farro, brussel sprouts, tomatoes in an aged balsamic reduction, which was delicious (and the same price as the burger!) Excellent service, delicious burger, lots of interesting game (yak, kangaroo, ostrich) and menu items to try out (exotic mushroom soup and a delicious crab cake that the next table ordered - and I nosily peered at). A bit of a hike for us from KOP, but a nice Saturday afternoon for sure!

            2. We did the same Groupon and just used it tonight--following advice on this thread, we stopped at Talula's first to get take-out (cheese, bread, vegetables, and a couple of chicken enchiladas for Mr. travelmad478). We were one of just two tables, but on a cold Thursday, that's what I would have expected. The server, Dan, told us that it does get pretty packed on weekends. They do theme nights pretty much once a week, at least, with live music some nights.

              The wines were nice, not France or Napa nice, but very pleasant. For the $6 tasting you get six little cups to taste (there are various combinations you can choose from), and then with the Groupon we got a bottle also, so we took the Riesling. The whole experience was extremely congenial, I must say. We would certainly do it again.

              If you don't feel like bringing in your own food then you can order from Portabello's across the street and they will just bring your plates over, according to Flickerwood. The menu is straight-up Italian.