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Jan 23, 2011 04:27 PM

Cafe Poca Cosa still worth it?

We're heading for Tucson this week for a family wedding, will have a couple of afternoons and one night free. Cafe Poca Cosa was always a favorite, but we haven't been back in a few years. Is it still as good as I remember?

Cafe Poca Cosa
110 E Pennington St, Tucson, AZ 85701

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  1. I preferred the old space, but nearly nobody else does. The service still needs just a bit of work, but yes, the food is also still as good as one would remember.

    1. The place is remarkably consistent, but more importantly, as Queen Victoria was told, there is no second.

      1. My goodness, that website isn't much help. No sample menu?

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          We were there last night, based on CH recommendations. Really enjoyed the food, great drinks, nice space. The one thing I didn't like was they have no menu-just a chalkboard that does't really tell you anything either. The server comes and reads/describes the options, how well depends on your server. I'd so much rather something written to peruse. My meal was seriously yummy but I don't entirely know what I had. My husband thought his was fine but thinks he would have ordered something else if he didn't have to order from a verbal list in a noisy restaurant. (He overheard better descriptions later from a different server.)

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            Yes, it's very difficult to describe the moles - there are so many in her repetoire, and each has so many ingredients. I wish I saw this thread early enough to advise you to order the Plata: three different dishes per plate, so you and your hubby could have tasted six different entrees, and marveled at the variety and deliciousness.

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              nah, unfortunately doesn't really work for us. I went for the veggie entree of which there was only one. (Though I would have certainly gone for a veggie plata.) And hubby is a fairly fussy eater who really needs to know what he's ordering as opposed to being surprised.

        2. We were there today for lunch and were totally blown away. We got into Tucson on Sunday night and by Monday we were ready for some good Mexican food. Unfortunately Cafe Poca Cosa is closed on Monday so we went to the most highly recommended Mexican restaurant we could find. El Charro, the one downtown, the original and supposedly the best. What a disappointment. The famous beef was just ok. Fried fish tacos pretty good, grilled fish tacos made my husband ask me what he was supposed to be eating. Dull rice and gluey beans completed our first taste of Tucson. But there was hope. By Tuesdaya, Cafe Poca Cosa was open and there we were. Salsa and chips to the table. I could have eaten a gallon of the salsa. Complex and simply perfect. The best salsa we've ever had and we did 20 years in L.A. when L.A. was good. Flush with excitement, we ordered from the daily menu. Chef's choice for me, Flounder Vera Cruz for my husband. All thrilling, perfectly cooked and everything we were hoping for find in Tucson. Plates are gigantic at lunch, supposedly bigger at dinner and I can't imagine how anyone can finish although it would be a delight to try. We've got another 5 days in Tucson and my guess is we'll spend at least 2 or 3 more at Cafe Poca Cosa, giving Suzanna Davila a chance to delight us over and over again. Service was first rate. Everyone was pleasant and professional. I don't think we'll find a better meal in Tucson. If we do, I'll let you all know.

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            Thanks for the report! My hubby and I always order the plato so that we'd have six tastes, and we've never been disappointed. I'd love to hear if you find any other places you like as much; we had an outstanding meal at Maynard's once; the other 3 meals there were fine. We've also had meals by the new chef at Primo that were terrific. We've never found El Charro that great, either - wonder what all the hype is about that place. Try the fish tacos at B-Line Cafe - they're grilled, not fried.

            B-Line Cafe
            4th St, Tucson, AZ 85719