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Jan 23, 2011 03:52 PM

Portofino Mediterranean Grill, Clearwater, FL

We went to Portofino Mediterranean Grill in Clearwater tonight. We will start with the positives; inside was decorated beautifully, the portion sizes were huge and live singer was great. That’s unfortunately where the positives stop. If you like typical BAD wedding food than this is your new favorite restaurant! The caesar salad tasted like bottle dressing, chicken marsala was heavily breaded and swimming in a cheap wine sauce found at any wedding, penne a la vodka again tasted like sauce from a jar and was very soupy. Unfortunately with how salty the food was you needed a lot to drink. The biggest surprise came with the bill when they charged us for each iced tea refill!!!!The waitress failed to ever mention this refill upon refill upon refill. In a quasi-upscale restaurant this is unheard of!!! By the way, we have to mention the food comes with a free stomach ache afterwards…ugh… bring Tums or Rolaids! We definitely will not be patronizing there again.

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  1. Iced tea refill? That is pretty low

    1. My husband and I went there, as well. We ordered friend zucchini chips, which actually came out soggy and not crispy. He wouldn't eat more than one bite of them(we took them home and broiled them to give them the crispiness they were missing.) The restaurant was beautifully decorated, but there were hardly any customers in there. It felt like we were on display to the wait staff because they were all staring at us, but when we needed service there was no one around. The chicken marsala came on the largest plate, but when you really looked at it the portion size was average. It came with a potatoes and veggie side, but when those came it was the most bizarre creation of veggies thrown on a plate with a baked potato! Weird. The worst part for us was also the soda refills.... I was charged 3 times for my one soda!!! Absolutely ridiculous when they don't mention it on the menu or the server. The sad thing is that this place is right by our condo and STILL we have no plans to go back.