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dim sum house morrisville nc

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Has anyone been here yet. They claim they have dim sum all day but their menu doesn't list any at all. I'm looking for the full experience - rolling carts, etc. Anybody???

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  1. Went on a sunday morning, they have the carts, it's OK, not as good as in major cities, there will be times when you will be waiting for a long time for the cart, and sometimes we were ignored.

    1. Hey norman, I've hit DSH four times I think. Three times on the weekend and they do carts then. During the week they just bring you the plates to the table. Menu will be more limited during the weekdays so your best bet is probably on Saturday morning. The place can get crazy busy on Sunday so...

      As for the food, it's easily the best dim-sum I've had in the area, average overall. Chef came from Toronto so he should be pretty good. And the rest of the Cantonese menu looks solid too, love their pork chops! I've attached some pics below...

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          Wow! Great photos! I'm gonna have to hit that this coming weekend. I moved here from L.A. and my kingdom for a snow bun or an XLB! (Hmm... just checked the menu they have neither. Maybe I can ask the chef to whip some up - xiao long bao (steamed soup dumplings filled with pork broth) are the BEST! Thanks for this post, I'm excited!

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            Asian Grill in N. Raleigh has XLB.


            1. re: rockycat

              Yep, I've heard really good things about Asian Grill, rockycat. Heard it's actually as good as some bigger cities for Shanghai types food but have yet to eat there...

              Asian Grill
              1851 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, NC 28803

              1. re: rockycat

                Thnx, Rockycat, will have to try next time in Raleigh.... Other threads mention Asian Grill and Super Wok together but the Super Wok link takes me to a place in Charleston, SC - is that right?

                Super Wok
                7550 Dorchester Rd Unit F, North Charleston, SC 29418

                1. re: Pigeage

                  Super Wok is I think, Szechuan like 35 Restaurant. Really surprised to find so much Northern Chinese here!


                  Super Wok
                  7550 Dorchester Rd Unit F, North Charleston, SC 29418

                  1. re: Pigeage

                    Super Wok is in Cary and definately worth a trip. It's in an area with an abundance of ethnic buisnesses. Apparently there's another place with the same name in Charleston. Those links are provided by the board automatically. Super Wok does Sichuanese food which is quite different from the food from Shanghai. I've read that Asian Grill has some Sichuanese dishes on the menu, but they are cook more in the style of Shanghai, so they are less characteristically spicy.

                2. re: Pigeage

                  Yes Asian Grill got a mention in the N/O recently. Isn't there another soup dumplin that sounds like Char-Sur-Bo ? Maybe I'm missing something. Dim sum house is closer for me than Asian Grill.. but maybe if a group....

                  So now there are 3 places that do some form of Dim Sum on weekend Dim Sum House, Neo China/Neo Asia in Cary and the Buffet place (I think) in Durham.

                  Asian Grill
                  1851 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, NC 28803

                  Dim Sum House
                  100 Jerusalem Dr, Morrisville, NC 27560

                  1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                    FYI If you're talking about Hong Kong on Guess Rd. in Durham, it is definitely not a buffet place. They have carts on weekends and menu ordering during the week.

                    1. re: yahooer

                      AH yes getting my places confused. Do they have a chinese menu during the week?

                      1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                        Yes. Chinese menu all the time in addition to dim sum.

                        1. re: yahooer

                          No one seems to ever talk about Hong Kong's chinese menu vs. their dim sum.

                    2. re: burgeoningfoodie

                      Char Siu Bao and Soup dumplings are completely different... but yeah they all sound alike sometimes!

                      Dimsum House serves dimsum all day. On weekdays you can order most of the items a la carte and on weekends you get the push carts and everything on their dimsum menu.

                      I have been to Dimsum house on a weekend once. The only way to get service during weekends is to flag the servers. They are really not going to take care of you. All they want is to give you food and make sure you pay. I grew up in Hong Kong and North Jersey so I've seen all kinds of rude service and to be honest I thought their weekend service was decent.

                      I go to Dimsum House every Monday night and I always get great service because by the time I get there (around 8:30) I'm usually the only customer there....

                      1. re: sierrarot328i

                        Good to know. I don't think I could make there that late.. would probably get indigestion :-þ. I took a look at some of the places in NYC after the seeing the Dim sum episode of Top Chef and I guess I want to try something more than what I've experienced (Shiu Mai, Taro and turnip cakes, Small chicken feet, and a few types of buns like custard buns). I want something a bit more exotic but not terribly odd (like sea cucumber may be). Is there an Asian restaurant that does snails in the shell? Sorry this is off topic... My other question is how exactly does one eat chicken feet as it doesn't seem there is much there to eat. Does any place around here serve Tang Bao (the larger soup dumpling)?

                        Thanks for that clarification. I think what happened with the dumpling description is that I was at Grand Asia where they had Char Siu Bao and then saw a show about soup dumplings and not burning your mouth on the piping hot soup and so the two meshed in my mind.

                3. Thanks to all, esp. RonBoNC for the pictures.

                  1. Well, finally got to Dimsum House on Saturday around 12:30; it wasn't that crowded and the carts just kept on coming. A good experience overall though someof my favorites were missing from the offerings. Will try to get to some of the other places that serve dimsum in the area and report back.

                    I may be showing my stupidity, but what's XLB mentioned by a few posters?

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                    1. re: normanc

                      Chinese name for soup dumpling, I think spelled xiao long bao. Steamed and served over lettuce leaves, I think people typically dip them in a soy-ginger sauce. There's typically a lot of broth inside so you have to eat carefully and typically from a spoon...